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Toy World
The ring of blocks
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Suberu Sekai
Slippery World




WP #104
WP #121
WP #566
WP #664
WP #799

Events The Shadow Woman's Lap
Notable NPCs Shadow Ladies
Connecting Areas

The Nexus
Day and Night Towers
Red Brick Maze
Wooden Block World
Zodiac Fortress LockedCondition🔐 Bat

Art Gallery
Mini-Town NoReturn
Coffee Cup World LockedCondition🔐

Removed Connections

Tatami Room
Gray Road
Othello Board

BGM Merrygo (No. 038A)
Merrygo (Small Urotsuki) (No. 038B)
Merrygo (Tiny Urotsuki) (No. 038C)
nezumi (Cheese Mini-Area) (No. 522)
Map ID 0375, 0611, 0614, 0615, 0616, 0617, 1394
Map Type Large, Looping, Non-looping, Multiple maps
Version Added 0.100
Last Updated 0.121c
Primary Author kuraud
Contributing Author(s) aediorugap, spelude

Toy World is one of the main worlds accessible from The Nexus.

Map of Toy World


Toy World is a large, fairly open world filled with buildings made out of red, blue, and green blocks, reminiscent of Block World from Yume Nikki. Using the Rainbow effect here or in The Nexus makes the Toy World portal multi-colored instead of blue.

Miniature doors, benches, and vending machines are dotted throughout Toy World. Along with the toy train on the southern part of the map, these are too small for regular-sized Urotsuki to use, but you can make Urotsuki shrink on this map by eating plates of cheese scattered around. This takes you to the Giant Version of Toy World. Eating the cheese again will make her grow back to normal size. Each cheese has only two servings before the map needs to be reset, but you can also use the Cake effect to toggle sizes.

Toy World's given name is Slippery World, after the unique tiles here that cause Urotsuki to slide forward until she reaches regular ground or collides with an object. This is used for a small sliding puzzle in the Toy Box Area. You cannot use the interact key while standing on the slippery tiles.

Entering Toy World from The Nexus will place you in a circle of toy pillars, with yellow train tracks extending on either side. Following the tracks to the east a ways and then heading south will lead to a set of green, arc-shaped buildings. One of these has a door that can only be accessed while Urotsuki is mini (or if she has the Fairy effect equipped). Inside is a small angled hallway. At first glance, it only contains a single path to the south, but equipping the Glasses effect here will reveal there are two more paths. Going upwards leads to a small room with a vending machine, going straight to the left leads to a room full of bouncing cylinder blocks, and going downwards takes you to the Red Brick Maze.

A little north of the tracks here, there is a tall green arch that will take you to the Toy Box Area.

Going vertically in either direction, you'll find another yellow railroad. Following it in either direction, you will eventually encounter some green block buildings, one of which has a door to a room with a long ladder leading to the Day and Night Towers.

Also along these tracks is an enclosed area with entrances blocked by small purple cylinders. Urotsuki can pass through them at normal size, but in order to shrink and get to the giant version of this area, you must either use the Cake effect while inside it or the Bat effect to return to the enclosure after eating cheese elsewhere.

Certain actions in the game, such as chainsawing the creature in the middle of Day and Night Towers, will cause Toy World to be full of Shadow Ladies. Most of them are mini, however, allowing a normal-sized Urotsuki to step on and crush them (though they will continue to re-spawn when you re-enter the map for as long as this flag is active). The one normal-sized Shadow Lady will be a ways southwest of the door to the Red Brick Maze. She is stationary, and interacting with her will take you to the Shadow Woman's Lap. This seems to have the same effect as being caught by other Shadow Ladies, in that it placates them and removes them from the map.

Giant Version

The giant version of Toy World is accessible by eating a plate of shrinking cheese or using the Cake effect to become mini. It is essentially the same map, but the music is slower and tuned down, the toy blocks are much larger, and the miniature benches, tiny doors, and vending machines throughout the area are now both normal-sized and accessible.

North of The Nexus entrance and a bit to the west is a set of red blocks in a right angle formation. There is a plate of cheese with a door in it here that is only visible in the giant version. The inhabitants of the cheese will not let you enter unless you are using the Fairy effect (the Sprite mask will not work). Inside the cheese is a room with two different-colored mice. Chainsawing them will give them a shadowy appearance with red eyes and cause them to retaliate, sending you to the bouncing cylinder room on the path to the Red Brick Maze. Occasionally, you may see one of the mice sitting on the floor eating a piece of cheese or sleeping. Interacting one of them while certain masks are equipped leads to Coffee Cup World.

There is a toy train on the southern railroad track. Urotsuki can sit on the green car in the middle, or she interact with the red or blue cars to board the train. Riding the train until the windows show a landscape of tan wooden blocks leads to Wooden Block World.

There is an enclosed area made up of multi-colored blocks in the regular version of Toy World with a bench and vending machine. By using the Cake effect to enter the giant version of the enclosure, you will find a door too small for even mini Urotsuki to enter. However, the vending machine here sells a beverage for 100夢 which will shrink Urotsuki even further, making the objects larger and the music even slower and more tuned down than before. The tiny door leads to Zodiac Fortress.

Toy Box Area

The Toy Box Area can be reached through one of two green brick gates or by entering Toy World from the Art Gallery. It contains a large toy box surrounded by shapes made out of sliding tiles.

Map of the Mini-Area.

If you enter from the Art Gallery, you will be in the giant version of this map and appear in front of a purple pole in the top-center part of the toy box. There's a clock face with a 3x3 tic-tac-toe board inside, as well as a sane Shadow Lady walking around. Interacting with the Shadow Lady while Urotsuki is mini will make her follow you around. You can then use the Invisible effect to disappear, which will make her lose sight of you and unlock a wallpaper.

Attacking this lady with the Chainsaw will make her chase you. She is only slightly slower than Urotsuki's walk speed and, if the Bike is equipped, will become as fast as Urotsuki on her bike. The only way to calm her is to allow her to catch you or to re-enter the area. If she catches you, you will be sent to the room with the bouncing purple cylinders from the passageway to the Red Brick Maze. The exit on the eastern wall will be boarded up, but you can break through it if you have the Chainsaw effect, making this one of the few Chaser traps that can be escaped without waking up or using the Eyeball Bomb effect.

If Urotsuki is normal-sized, you can step on and crush the sane Shadow Lady, though she will re-spawn when you re-enter the area.

There is a slice of cake in the northwest corner of the toy box. You can reach it from below by heading through the gap between the two green groups of blocks on the far-left side of the box, just above the train tracks. Alternatively, if you are mini and use the Haniwa effect near the Art Gallery entrance, you can move the green cylinder blocks and go through the left path of purple ones along the top of the box, Eating the special cake will make Urotsuki giant and transport her to Mini-Town to go on a rampage.

You can enter or exit the toy box by following the yellow tracks or by going through the arch in its southernmost wall while either mini or using the Child or Fairy effect.


  • The Nexus → Toy World


  • Before 0.101b, this area had doors to the Tatami Room and the Mini-Maze, which have since been removed.
  • Behind one of the miniature benches is a door that would be too small even for mini Urotsuki to enter. It's also hidden behind blocks, and as such there is no indication whatsoever of how one would ever enter it.
  • This world used to be one of a pair, under the name Toy World A. The other half, Toy World B, was reminiscent of the first few editions of Toy World. However, it was removed in 0.106, and its map was purged, rendering all of its content inaccessible.
  • The Rainbow effect was once located in this world's initial version. For the player to obtain it, they had to press a switch to deactivate a barrier guarding the effect. The effect has since been moved to the Theatre World.
  • The purple tile patterns in this world are shaped like tangrams, a type of puzzle toy where the participant tries to make unique shapes out of seven predetermined shapes.
  • Before version 0.113e Patch 4, only the Cake effect was required to enter the Symbolon. The current potion event was also in the game before version 0.110f patch 2.


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