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    Yume 2kki:Rainbow Road

    Rainbow Road
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Niji Michi
    Rainbow Road

    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Hat World
    Video Game Graveyard Spring

    BGM soundc_2 (No. 426G)
    2_38 (Warping to Video Game Graveyard) (No. 208F)
    Map ID 1990
    Version Added 0.119i patch 3
    Last Updated 0.120a patch 1
    Author 21keb

    The Rainbow Road is an area accessible with the Rainbow effect in Hat World.

    Map of the Rainbow Road


    The area, as mentioned in its name, is likely a reference to the kart track of the same name in Super Mario Kart. There are two main sections to this area. The first section is the Rainbow Road itself in the shape of a simple loop, with stars and clouds off to the side of the road.

    A walking star can be found near the finish line that flashes when it moves. The clouds in here reacts to various effects. Equipping the Chainsaw effect will cause the clouds to stop moving and close it's eyes. The Glasses effect will make the clouds wear glasses with light beaming from below. Using the Teru Teru Bōzu effect will make the clouds rain. The Drum effect will make the clouds gray with lightning below it.

    There are also ramps that Urotsuki can launch off of if she equips the Spring effect. This also leads to the second area.

    The second area is a pixel-art recreation of Japan. The bottom edge of it leads to a portal to a subarea of Hat World if the Rainbow effect is equipped. This warp will only be present if text events are enabled.

    On the east side, there is a small spiral path that eventually leads to an area with white ground tiles. If you use the Grave effect and then move onto the grave silhouette and press the interact key, the area's music will change and there will be clocks that pass by the foreground. Interacting on the tile with the grave's silhouette or with the ghostly Urotsuki that appears afterward will transport you to Video Game Graveyard's northern horizon (directly south of the smiling crescent moon) and southern shore, respectively.

    There are also several other shapes that are currently out of reach, such as that of grapes and a lightning bolt.