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Urotsuki's default computer screen

Urotsuki's Computer (or PC) serves as one of the main mechanical hubs in Yume 2kki. Accessible from her room, it allows her to save, check her progress, customize various things, listen to music, and much more.


The data menu allows players to check their progress throughout the game, out of a total of 300%, and view endings they've unlocked (1 ~ 6).

- Data -
【 DATA 】 Yume 2kki ver 0.000x
• View the gameplay record
• Re-watch the endings
• Close this window

- Records -
【 DATA 】 [1/5]
Current Version: 0.000x
Effects: 0% ~ 100%

- Records -
【 DATA 】 [2/5]
Sound room: 0% ~ 100% (000/1096)
Wallpapers: 0% ~ 100% (000/835)
Puzzle Pieces: 0% ~ 100% (00/58)

- Records -
【 DATA 】 [3/5]
Time Played: ### Hours ### Minutes ###Seconds
(Not including the time taken to open a menu screen)
First Time Playing: ### Hours ### Minutes ###Seconds

- Records -
【 DATA 】 [4/5]
Days Played: ### Days
Steps walked: ### Steps

- Records -
【 DATA 】 [5/5]
Worlds Visited: ### Worlds (Approximate Number)
Number of Kills: ### Kills (Including non-NPCs)


The tools menu allows players to select from a subsection of 3 menus, letting them check what backgrounds they have collected, change the PC's background, change the menu type, and a whole assortment of other things.

- Tools -

- Picture -
###/835 Unlocked Current Wallpaper: No. ### Random: ON/OFF New Wallpaper: ON/OFF
• Wallpaper List [See Wallpaper Guide]
• Select Wallpaper #0
• Options
A custom wallpaper.
  • Selecting Wallpaper #0 allows players to import a custom wallpaper in the form of pc_back.png. This option will attempt to load the file ゆめ2っき\pc_back.png (normally looks like this by default) as a background wallpaper. This file can be replaced by a 256-color PNG, BMP, or XYZ format image of the user's choice, ideally 320x240 pixels in dimension. Using an invalid image format and/or color depth may cause the game to crash.
- Picture -
Wallpaper options
• Enable random wallpaper select
• Enable new wallpaper notification
• Previous Page

- TXT -
Choose whether or not text events appear within the dream world Current Setting: Y/N
• OK
• NO
• Close Window
Events using letters appear in this game.
Please select NO if you don't like such events.
  • Choosing "NO" on this menu will remove several books from the Library, remove all text from a few remaining books, and disable Word World entirely.

- Window -
• Change system graphics & sound effects [Menu Themes 0 ~ 70, Sounds 0 ~ 5]
• Change PC BGM [No Music, 2kki theme, FC, music box, guitar, piano, SR, SR Memo, SR Random]
• Next Page
• Close Window

- Window -
• Revert to default
• Previous Page
• Close Window

Old example of all of the menu themes available in Yume 2kki at the time.


The music menu lets players listen to any track they've heard ingame at least once, and while loading it also shows the percentage of music you've unlocked

The instruction guide for the old Music Room.
-Music- [See Soundtrack]


The save menu lets players save their progress, and is pretty much self-explanatory. A file in Urotsuki's A:\DIARY folder is created upon every successful save. Holding the Shift key while selecting this option will let you rename your actual save file.

Opens the save menu


  • The desktop user interface of Urotsuki's Computer resembles that of Windows 98, particularly the recycle bin icon.