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Yume 2kki:T-Folk World

T-Folk World
T folk world 120.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)




Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Red Monastery
Giant Desktop
Horror Maze LockedCondition🔐

Removed Connections

Purple World


sound3e (No. 185M)
dedp_qs0UrDFJ_bgm_081 (Bed Event) (No. 058H)
bgm036 (Hall) (No. 300G)

Map ID 1373, 1445
Version Added 0.113g patch 1
Primary Author sniperbob
Contributing Author(s) Kontentsu

Annotated map of the area

T-Folk World is an area accessible from the spinning T in Red Monastery.


This area is a rather large world with a black backdrop of giant, limbless T-folk. There are railroad tracks on the ground, accompanied by white rectangles with blue outlines and what appear to be yellow light poles. Using the Lantern effect will light up this world slightly.

This world is filled with T-shaped NPCs, as the name implies, they come in many different colors, and some even have arms. Some of these NPCs have elongated legs.

Going south-west from the entrance, a large, freckled nose surrounded by lots of green mucus, two light poles, and three other noses, can be found; one of its nostrils can be entered, leading the player to Giant Desktop.

Heading north-east from the entrance, one can find a bed in which Urotsuki can sleep in. It has blue bed sheets and a drawing of a sun on the bed frame. Sleeping in the bed for a few seconds will result in the music fading away, afterwards the music changes and the background turns into a space with bright stars, waking up will turn the world back to its original form. This will be important for another location.

Heading south from the bed, one can find a giant green face with scarred eyes and a mouth of sharp upper teeth, appearing to wear an agonized expression. It is surrounded by green, red and blue orbs, the latter two of which appear to be protons and electrons. By entering its mouth, you can enter the Horror Maze, which begins as a concrete hallway peppered with colorful, spinning T-folk. You will come across colored doors as you travel north, which will remain locked unless you have slept in the beds in T-Folk World, Crazed Faces Maze, Blue Restaurant, and Spiders' Nest. If you have slept in all of them, you can proceed into the maze.



  • Before version 0.114g Patch 4, this world connected to Purple World and had a completely different layout.
  • Prior to Version 0.120, the T-folk had black outlines, and the parallax was that of a simple black backdrop. Much of its graphics, especially the green face, were also much simpler.

Old Images