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    Yume 2kki:Blue Restaurant

    Blue Restaurant
    Blue restaurant entrance.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone

    Menu Theme #50
    WP #526

    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Blue House Road
    Underground Lake
    Red Monastery Unlock🔑
    Experimentation Building Return🚩

    BGM tonny02 (No. 249B)
    sound3e (Kitchen) (No. 185N)
    dedp_932氏スクラップ (Employee Chase) (No. 065C)
    soundc_2 (Room 1)
    n3-SaP (Room 2) (No. 386B)
    2_45 (Room 2 after the event) (No. 145C)
    yumenikkig_uljp00129 no name 2-169 (Room 3) (No. 023C)
    yumenikkig_uljp00129 no name 2-169 (slowed) (Room 3 after the event)
    sound3e (Room 4) (No. 185O)
    n3-RtH (Room 5) (No. 622B)
    sniperbob1 (After the event in Room 6) (No. 585B)
    sk2_cookware (Room 7) (No. 586)
    2_21 (Room 8) (No. 012C)
    qs0UrDFJ-bgm054 (Room 9) (No. 040D)
    rec2 (Room 10) (No. 048F)
    zaza (Room 11) (No. 046D)
    kappa_01_2 (Room 12) (No. 588A)
    kikai004 (Room 13) (No. 062E)
    kappa_13 (Bed Event) (No. 399E)
    Map ID 1371, 1378, 1442, 1445
    Version Added 0.120
    Primary Author sniperbob
    Contributing Author(s) Nakatsu

    The Blue Restaurant is an area accessible from the Blue House Road and the Underground Lake.


    When arriving from Blue House Road, Urotsuki ends up in a small restaurant room with several creatures sitting behind the tables on the top and bottom of the room. Behind the bar there are two humans with blue skin: one wearing a chef's hat and another in a red uniform with a regular hat. There are also two doors with same colors as the staff in front of them.

    The white door is locked at first, but killing the chef with the Chainsaw gives you the key needed to unlock it. Going through it, Urotsuki ends up in a dark corridor with the red employee at the end of it. Coming close to him will make Urotsuki move away from him, after which he will start chasing her. Getting caught by him plays the animation of getting a key, indicating that the employee took back the chef's key, after which Urotsuki gets teleported back to the main room, with the door locked and the chef still gone.

    However, if you manage to escape during the chase, a short cutscene will play, in which Urotsuki hides under one of the tables and the chaser tries to find her, fails to do so, and leaves the restaurant. You can now re-enter the Chef's Room without the employee guarding it and find out there is a weird monochromatic creature with its organs ripped out along with burger condiments.

    The red door, however, is always open, and going through it will take you to a long corridor with numbered doors. If you've given at least 6000 to the box in Room 12, there will be two creatures at the bottom of the corridor: one in the beginning of the corridor, and one at the end of it. Interacting with them teleports Urotsuki between each other.

    Corridor Rooms

    Room 1 contains a creature and a control panel. Pressing the buttons on the control panel allows you to change the creature's color, sound, behavior, speed, and animation.

    Room 2 is full of red and blue presents whose contents are determined randomly. Opening one of these presents can result in a variety of things, such as:

    • Giving Urotsuki 1夢, 100夢 or 300夢.
    • Playing a laughing sound and taking 200夢 or 300夢 from the player.
    • Transforming into a moving cloud of red and green particles, where interacting with these will change the BGM and the appearance of both the room and Urotsuki. In this state, Urotsuki can't leave the room through the door but can still open the menu and open presents.
    • Disappearing, sometimes with a screen transition.
    • Transforming into a floating grey creature with an open mouth, which doesn't react to any effect.
    • Spawning a red creature identical to the one in Room 1.
    • Spawning a sane Shadow Lady.
    • Changing the screen tint.
    • Teleporting the player to an inaccessible area in Blue House Road.
    • Spawning a small vending machine, which gives drinks that cost 100夢.
    • Making Urotsuki wear a red cap.
    • Spawning a transparent creature with no legs which follows Urotsuki around.

    Room 3 has two characters: a brother and a sister, which both change their appearance depending on Urotsuki's equipped effect. Killing either one of them causes the screen to fade to black and the chainsaw sound effect to play a second time. When the screen returns to normal, the sibling who was left alive can be seen with a chainsaw in their hands, and after a few seconds Urotsuki wakes up.

    Room 4 houses a red blob with an open mouth. Killing this blob with the Chainsaw effect gives 10夢, and it will replenish itself each time it is killed.

    Room 5 has an eye, a nose and a mouth in the bottom left corner. Interacting with each one several times makes different versions of the respective body part hover above Urotsuki, allowing her to create different faces.

    Room 6 has a giant crowned stick figure looking out of the window, who is known as the False King. Attempting to kill him will tint the screen red and change the appearance of the area entirely. Going back to the main hallway after chainsawing the figure, you will that the numbers on all of the doors have been replaced with eyes, and the appearance and behaviour of the NPCs in other rooms have been altered:

    • Room 1 now has a brain instead of the creature that was there before, and the control panel is unresponsive.
    • Opening any of the presents in Room 2 transforms them into a pool of blood.
    • Room 3 now has two huge humanoid creatures instead of the brother and sister.
    • Room 4's blob grins upon chainsawing it and doesn't reward any money.
    • Interacting with the body parts in Room 5 now makes a hollow face appear.
    • Rooms 7, 8, and 13 are now locked.
    • In Room 9, a deformed object with blood pouring out its holes is now blocking Urotsuki's path, so she can only go back to the hallway.
    • In Room 10, the display is now blank, with the buttons being filled with static. They will now only play a sound effect upon try to interact with them.
    • In Room 11, all of the hats are replaced with one stand with a brain on it, which Urotsuki also can wear.
    • In Room 12, the box's screen is now black with two red dots on it, and no hole or door is present.

    Additionally, going back to the restaurant in this state reveals that it has also been deformed, with holes in the tables and the area's residents being petrified into a mass of decaying flesh. In this state, the white door cannot be opened even after killing the chef, and the door leading to Blue House Road is locked.

    Room 7 is a first-person platformer house, with colorful cubes of varying heights that Urotsuki can jump on by pressing the spacebar, a window overlooking a flooded cave, and a friendly white creature behind the table that you can interact with to make him giggle for a random length of time. You cannot use the menu in this area, and going through the bottom door will lead to the Underground Lake.

    Room 8 is a monochrome path with a hole at the end, with similar paths and a yellow-haired creature seen in the background. Going up the path and interacting with the hole will de-equip any effect Urotsuki has equipped, and show 10 different balloons to be popped through various areas in the dream world. They must be visited in the following order:

    1. A red balloon in T-Folk World, to the left of a red T-Folk found in a cluster north and slightly west of the entrance.
    2. A white balloon in the trap in Crazed Faces Maze, just over the crack in the ground.
    3. A blue balloon in Crazed Faces Maze, just below the face sticking its tongue out on the easternmost path in the area.
    4. An orange balloon in Red Monastery, just beside the lemon in the northernmost part of the western branch.
    5. A purple balloon in Fused Faces World, in the middle of the white plant field directly south of the entrance.
    6. Another blue balloon in Experimentation Building, south of the western part of the railing on the floor with a balcony.
    7. A brown balloon in Holiday Hell, in the southeastern corner of the Valentine's Day section.
    8. Another purple balloon in Blue House Road, at the rightmost corner of the street that the car paintshop can be found on.
    9. A yellow balloon in Ice Cream Islands, on one of the waffle cone spots on a ice cream platform southeast of the entrance.
    10. A green balloon in Flooded Buildings, at the top of a dock found by heading west from the ladder to the lower part of the area.

    Popping all the balloons shown and returning to Room 8 will unlock a smiling purple balloon, who grants Menu Theme #50 upon interaction.

    Room 9 is another first-person room, having a fenced-off passageway with various creatures looking at Urotsuki and a locked door at the end.

    Room 10 has a display and 11 buttons with numbers 0-9 and a green checkmark. Entering the code 2547829 and interacting with the green checkmark will make a red door appear, which leads to the Red Monastery and unlocks the connection from the opposite side.

    Room 11 has five different hats on stands which Urotsuki can wear, but only while in this room.

    Room 12 has a box with a computer screen and a hole on the right, which takes 500 from you upon interaction. Continuously doing so will make a face appear on screen which gets progressively happier as more money is inserted. After 10000 has been deposited in total, a white door appears on the left of the now-gleeful screen which takes you to an isolated section of Experimentation Building -- the sixth floor. From here, there is a door styled like an open mouth which takes you to the skull elevator-like area which is broken down, and three potions on a table. Drinking each one has different effects on Urotsuki and the player:

    • The left one makes Urotsuki move randomly at a very fast speed for a short time.
    • The middle one shows different screen transitions and plays different sound effects.
    • The right one makes the screen shake.

    Room 13 is filled with various cycloptic egg creatures of different style and eye colors. They move randomly and do not normally react to any effect, including the Chainsaw and Railroad Crossing effects, and each of them can only be killed by interacting with them while having their corresponding effect equipped. The effect needed depends on the egg's appearance:

    • Small eggs: Child
    • Red eggs with stripes: Drum
    • Grey eggs with a yellow X across their body: Railroad Crossing
    • Light grey eggs with a red bottom: Chainsaw
    • Yellow eggs: Trombone
    • Rainbow eggs: Rainbow
    • Orange eggs: Haniwa
    • Pale blue eggs with a pink eye: Boy
    • Light blue eggs with three stripes across their front side: Tissue
    • Light blue eggs with a single while stripe down their eye: Penguin
    • Black eggs with three white dots and a yellow eye: School Boy
    • Black egg with two white stripes going across them: Spring
    • Dark grey eggs with a red eye: Eyeball Bomb
    • Brown eggs with a pink square across their eye: Polygon
    • White egg with a bleeding red eye: Marginal

    After killing every creature, Urotsuki will be able to sleep in the green bed in the room and watch one of the events that is needed to access the Horror Maze.


    If the connection to the Red Monastery from the Blue Restaurant has been unlocked:


    • Prior to version 0.120 Patch 2, the requirements for unlocking Menu Theme #50 originally involved stepping on invisible tiles throughout each world. These were later replaced with balloons to provide a more obvious visual marker for each area.
    • Also prior to version 0.120 Patch 2, the NPCs in room 13 had a different art style.
    • This world has the most BGMs used, with 19 being used.


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    tonny02 (https://yume.wiki/images/e/e3/Tonny02(249B).ogg, Tonny02(249B).ogg, ?) +, sound3e (https://yume.wiki/images/8/81/Sound3e(185D).ogg, Sound3e(185D).ogg, Kitchen) +, dedp_932氏スクラップ (https://yume.wiki/images/e/e5/Dedp 932氏スクラップ.ogg, Dedp 932氏スクラップ.ogg, Employee Chase) +, soundc_2 (https://yume.wiki/images/4/4c/Blue Restaurant Room 1 (soundc 2).ogg, Blue Restaurant Room 1 (soundc 2).ogg, Room 1) +, n3-SaP (https://yume.wiki/images/9/99/N3-SaP(386B).ogg, N3-SaP(386B).ogg, Room 2) +, 2_45 (https://yume.wiki/images/e/e3/2 45(145C).ogg, 2 45(145C).ogg, Room 2 after the event) +, yumenikkig_uljp00129 no name 2-169 (https://yume.wiki/images/5/5e/Yumenikkig uljp00129 no name 2-169 (023C).ogg, Yumenikkig uljp00129 no name 2-169 (023C).ogg, Room 3) +, yumenikkig_uljp00129 no name 2-169 (slowed) (https://yume.wiki/images/f/fd/Blue Restaurant Room 3 (After the event) (yumenikkig uljp00129 no name 2-169).ogg, Blue Restaurant Room 3 (After the event) (yumenikkig uljp00129 no name 2-169).ogg, Room 3 after the event) +, sound3e (https://yume.wiki/images/5/56/Sound3e(185J ).ogg, Sound3e(185J ).ogg, Room 4) +, n3-RtH (https://yume.wiki/images/0/0b/N3-RtH(622B).ogg, N3-RtH(622B).ogg, Room 5) +, sniperbob1 (https://yume.wiki/images/8/86/Sniperbob1(585B).ogg, Sniperbob1(585B).ogg, After the event in Room 6) +, sk2_cookware (https://yume.wiki/images/3/31/Sk2 cookware(586A).ogg, Sk2 cookware(586A).ogg, Room 7) +, 2_21 (https://yume.wiki/images/d/d8/2 21fast120.ogg, 2 21fast120.ogg, Room 8) +, qs0UrDFJ-bgm054 (https://yume.wiki/images/5/5d/Qs0UrDFJ-bgm054-slower.ogg, Qs0UrDFJ-bgm054-slower.ogg, Room 9) +, rec2 (https://yume.wiki/images/b/b2/Rec2(048F).ogg, Rec2(048F).ogg, Room 10) +, zaza (https://yume.wiki/images/2/27/Zaza(046D).ogg, Zaza(046D).ogg, Room 11) +, kappa_01_2 (https://yume.wiki/images/b/b9/Kappa 01 2(588A).ogg, Kappa 01 2(588A).ogg, Room 12) +, kikai004 (https://yume.wiki/images/e/e9/Kikai004.ogg, Kikai004.ogg, Room 13) +  and kappa_13 (https://yume.wiki/images/8/81/Kappa 13(399E).ogg, Kappa 13(399E).ogg, Bed Event) +
    青い店 +
    1,371 (?) +, 1,378 (?) +, 1,442 (?) +  and 1,445 (?) +