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Yume 2kki:The Ceiling

The Ceiling
Basic Info
Original Name(s)





WP #244

Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Heian Era Village Glasses
Cultivated Lands
Lotus Waters
Mirrored Pathways

BGM moseni_luna (No. 115A)
Map ID 0664
Version Added 0.102e
Last Updated 0.121c patch 8
Author Mosenite

The Ceiling is an area accessible from the Cultivated Lands.

Map of The Ceiling


The Ceiling is a dark area resembling the ceiling of an infinitely large building, with several lamps lightbulbs, fans, and other ceiling appliances affixed to the "floor", that lightly illuminate the area. (you can illuminate it even more with the Lantern effect) In addition to these ceiling fixtures are many inverted household items on what appears to be the ceiling of the area, including potted plants, bookshelves, chairs, and pillars that span from the floor to the ceiling.

Southeast of the entrance from the Cultivated Lands is a somewhat terrifying hole in the "ceiling" leading into the infinite darkness, surrounded by many of the floor decorations; further southeast of this hole is a red pillar which will take you to the Lotus Waters. In addition, north and slightly west of the entrance is a door that leads to a small terrarium, with a door near the opposite side. If you equip the Glasses effect, you can open this door to reach the Heian Era Village.

Southwest of the Lotus Waters entrance is a group of lamps surrounding a door that leads to Mirrored Pathways.


Nexus → Red Streetlight WorldBridged Swamp IslandsCultivated Lands → The Ceiling

Nexus → Red Streetlight WorldBridged Swamp IslandsHeian Era Village → The Ceiling