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    Yume 2kki:Tranquil Park

    Tranquil Park
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Verdant Nexus
    Frigid Meadow
    Calcarina Sea

    BGM e14 (No. 280G)
    Map ID 2707
    Version Added 0.122 patch 1
    Last Updated 0.122e patch 2
    Primary Author Stheven
    Contributing Author(s) Nabisae

    Tranquil Park is an area accessible from the brown door in Verdant Nexus.

    Annotated map of Tranquil Park


    Tranquil Park is a calm, grassy area, dotted with trees and bushes. Lightbulbs of varying colours hang from the sky, and small orbs wander about the world. A starry night sky can be seen in the background.

    East of the entrance, close to the edge of the map, is a purple flower next to a patch of dirt. Interacting with it takes Urotsuki to Calcarina Sea.

    By heading north from the entrance, then turning left once you pass a lake, you will find a daisy below a copse of trees, which serves as a connection to Frigid Meadow.

    East and slightly north of the Frigid Meadow connection is a statue of an anthropomorphic blue axolotl wearing a purple bandana and a striped pink shirt.



    • The statue is actually Stheven's oc called Clover.
    • This map used to have a staggering amount of different routes to reach, with each being accessible from different maps.
    • Northeast of the statue, just below the stars, was a door to the Familiar Outlook. This was a small, serene area at the edge of a grassy outcrop. The Twin Mountains were visible in the light of a sunset.
      • The outlook was altered and moved to Axolotl Abode in version 0.122e patch 2.

    Old Images