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Amillusion:Danaë's Room

Danaë's Room
Amillusion Danaë's Room.png
Basic Info
Keys EffectNone
Events Aerobus
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Corrupted Notebook NoReturn➡️
La Pigne NoEntry
Grassy Limbos Mad NoReturn➡️

BGM Ordi (Save Theme #1)
ordi-2 (Save Theme #2)
ordi-3 (Save Theme #3)
Menu MiniJeu (Cartoon Boy Menu)
MiniJeu (Cartoon Boy)
GameOverMiniJeu (Cartoon Boy GameOver)
Feuillage (Dream Room)
Infos (channel #1)
Praline (channel #2)
PianoaiP (channel #3)
Soiree (channel #4)
Pluijolijoli (channel #5)
Mamy-Rave (channel #6)
LeGrobegonia (channel #7)
Neunoeil (channel #8)
Gold (channel #9)
Map ID 0003 (Balcony)
0005 (Dream Balcony)
0070 (TV)
0181 (Real Room)
0184 (Dream Room)
0185 (Cartoon Boy)
0190 (Paintings)

Danaë's Room is where the game begins, and where Danaë resides.


Danaë's room is a sizable space with cream-colored walls and a wooden floor. Decorating the room is a rug of a floral pattern with a blue and yellow palette. A photo book lays in the center of it, and interacting with it causes Danaë to sit and reminisce, allowing her to enter her dream world. Nearby is a red handheld game console resembling that of a Nintendo DS, which lets Danaë play a game called "Cartoon Boy". There are paintings hung up on the walls, the left-most painting being that of a city, the middle being some dessert, and the right-most possibly being a portrait.

Shelves with ornaments are also around the room. There is a wooden table with a blue tablecloth; atop it is a pitcher, a cup, and a green box. Opening the box reveals various foods and drinks, such as soup, chocolate, and water, which Danaë will consume in one go.

Near the table is a blue couch and a pillow laying on it, with some papers leaning against the couch. In front is a canvas with a palette. Interacting with the canvas lets her view paintings, which are unlocked by exploring throughout the dream world. Danaë may select a painting, which will change the current Menu Theme and the paintings on the wall.

On the left side of the room, there is a computer that allows the player to save their progress for the game. Pressing Shift while in the save menu will allow the player to download or upload save files. There is a drawer south of the computer with a picture frame on top of it. Interacting with it will result in Danaë shaking her head, followed by a "no". This may be because the picture relates to something from her past that she refuses looking back at.

There is a lamp that she can turn on and off, with a bed next to it. Ironically, interacting with the bed won't do anything, even though it is commonly used as the entrance to a Dream World in fangames. Next to the bed is a door to the bathroom and a functional light switch.

In the top right-most corner of the room, there is a bucket with a light-green umbrella in it. Danaë can equip the umbrella at any will, sitting on a bench with it or using the photo book. Next to the umbrella is a door which Danaë cannot enter.

To the south are two sets of glass doors that both lead to the balcony. There are many vases and plants on the balcony, along with a watering can and an open green folding chair that Danaë can sit on. Doing so will let her take in a view of the city and sky. Both the balcony and its view from the chair can change depending on the color of the sky and the weather.

Danaë's Dream Room

Entering the dream world will lead Danaë to her Dream Balcony. The balcony will take on a more overgrown look, with an NPC that appears to be a magnifying glass girl with a green dress and purple ribbons. Sometimes, creatures may appear near the foliage or in the windows.

There is also a purple bus sign on the right side of the balcony. Interacting with it will make a vine ladder appear, and then a camouflage-patterned flying bus will land on the roof. This will take Danaë to the Aerobus, which will lead to the Corrupted Notebook.

Inside Danaë's Dream Room has a more bleak and worn-out feel. Her furniture, rug, and walls are decrepit and stained; the floorboards are creaky; the paint is peeling; and spiderwebs have formed in the corners. The computer can be seen flashing, and interacting with it will show a series of channels:

  • A news report channel, with two dummy reporters, one with a cyan tie and the other with a green tie. There is a table with paper scattered over it, and microphones. On the table is a sign that reads "TF10000" with the sign's background colors being split in blue in red. The background changes color with music playing.
  • A channel that is reminiscent of a magical girl show. There is a girl in the center, wearing a green and pink outfit as she wields a star wand. On the bottom right corner reads "Alexandrine", presumably the name of the girl. Upbeat and cheery music plays in the background followed by giggling.
  • A channel that shows a man playing the piano. On the piano shows a young girl with a grin dancing. The channel is colored using watercolor, and there is text that says "Classical Edition" in fancy handwriting. A fast-paced piano tune plays in the background.
  • A channel that shows a face composed of the eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth in a photorealistic style. It starts with an "ooh" sound, followed by a catchy tone with occasional breathing. The background changes as the face changes direction. "Yeahs" follow during the end of the song. In order of the backgrounds: A green pattern background, a space background with a cat sleeping, and a bowl of what seems to be donuts being made.
  • A scribbly-drawn and colorful channel that shows the aforementioned grinning young girl dancing. Next to her is a guy with huge ears and long legs, bearing a worried expression. Playing in the background is a beat with some humming, as the screen zooms in for a second.
  • A channel showing an old lady holding a cup of tea/coffee. She holds her glasses up and down as her dress flows with a light blue background. Upbeat music plays in the background.
  • A series of photographs which show multiple Crysanthemums in different colors. Music in reverse plays in the background.
  • A channel with a little eyeball person eating their own eyeball with sharp teeth for it to grow back endlessly in a void with a white glow. The music plays in a repetitive sound.
  • A channel that seems reminiscent of a music album. In the center shows a girl and boy crossing their arms with a sparkly background behind them with a gold frame. On top of the screen, there is text that says "GOLD" with "Edition" on the bottom of the screen. This indicates this might be the "GOLD Edition" of a song.

Equipping the Mad key and interacting with the left side of the bed will make Danaë jump on it, maniacally laughing until she is catapulted headfirst into Grassy Limbos.

The light switch no longer works and the bathroom is locked, but entering the door that could not be previously entered in the real world leads to the Nexus.


  • TF10000 is a reference to a major French television broadcaster, TF1, or Télévision Française 1.
  • It is advised to save before sitting on the balcony chair, due to a bug that slows Danaë if you hold the Shift button during or just after viewing the sky from the chair. After doing so, she will automatically sit, at which point she can attempt to stand up, and her movement speed will decrease. This also enables noclip, which can be disabled if Danaë sits in the chair by her computer.
    • This can be used to fix speed-increasing bugs, like the one in Space, and vice versa.


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