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    Keys are key-like objects that can be found scattered throughout Danaë's dream world that can be used to unlock the locks for the ending (not implemented). Each key alters Danae's appearance in some way and may give her special abilities that can make exploring the worlds easier or perform things you wouldn't be able to do otherwise much like effects.

    As of v0.20, the game has 21 keys in total (may be inaccurate).

    This page lists all the keys on what they do, and where to locate them.


    To clean up...


    Appearance: Danaë's arms become thorny brambles.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: None.

    Location: From the Nexus, interact with the mouth to be taken to the Thorny Garden; head north-east until you find a large skull. Interact with it to enter the skull and obtain the key.

    Practical Uses: This key allows Danaë to kill NPCs (which sometimes leave behind money).


    Make a wish.


    Appearance: Danaë rides on a shooting star.

    Passive Effect: Danaë travels at double her walking speed.

    Action: (Shift) Causes shooting stars to briefly appear on the screen.

    Location: Found in Space. Head right until you reach a blue planet with a star on it; interact with the star to obtain the key.

    Practical Uses: Some uses include being able to travel through the dream world a lot faster and chase fast-moving NPCs.


    Don't press the button !


    Appearance: Danaë glows bright green due to radioactivity.

    Passive Effect: Darkened areas will automatically be lightened.

    Action: (Shift) Causes her to mutate in appearance with a new eye hanging from her head.

    Location: Found in Ruby's Power Plant. Make your way through the maze to an opening to a green pool of radioactive liquid. Walk around in it for a little while to get the key.

    Practical Uses: Can be used to light up darker areas and effectively travel through others. Needed to get the Gossip key.


    Become your favorite character(or not).


    Appearance: Danaë dresses as a different character: her hairstyle is changed to a black, curled-up bob with a very thin ahoge on the top of head. She wears a mask with a smiley face, a brown jacket with buttons, and a beige skirt.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: (Shift) Changes the expression on the mask with a laughing sound.

    Location: Found in Ssendam Enilaroc. Head north-west (more west than north) until you find a thin, upright doll body. Interact with it to get the key.

    Practical Uses: Can be used to slow down, fool, and/or repel chasers. Can also be used to terrify some NPCs.


    Hahahuhuh (Something escaped from the asylum).


    Appearance: Danaë wears a strait jacket, and her hair is disheveled.

    Passive Effect: Danaë hops around.

    Action: (Shift) Makes Danaë laugh.

    Location: Found in the Ostrich Teleport Maze. Choose the bottom head on the first platform and carry on until you hit a yellow island with a long path. Follow the path to the end and interact with the ostrich head.

    Practical Uses: Some uses include being able to alter ULTRA Sugary World and enter Grassy Limbos from Danaë's Dream Room.


    The only way to be Cutey.


    Appearance: Danaë becomes a jar of honey.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: (Shift) Causes Danaë to pop her lid and make honey ooze out.

    Location: Found at the Beach. Head north through the gap in the fence at the top of the area. By a small wooden bench is a picnic spread; interact with the small jar at the top of the blanket.

    Practical Uses: Can be used to attract nearby NPCs.

    Bad Girl

    Wesh gros, ça va la famille ? (Hey buddy, how's the family going ?)


    Appearance: Danaë becomes a "bad" girl; on her head there is a red cap on backwards. She also wears a black combination with a gilded print from her ordinary clothes and white shoes. On her face, there is bright makeup.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: (Shift) Causes her to take out a spray can and spray the screen black.

    Location: Found in the Coco Desert. Directly north-west is a cluster of circular objects; interact with the one with a face on it.

    Practical Uses: This key allows Danaë to teleport to the Nexus at will.

    Green Mouse (Souris Verte)

    Trempez-la dans l'huile, trempez-la dans l'eau... (Wet her in the oil, wet her in the water...)

    The Star key is required. There are two parts to obtaining this key.

    Appearance: Danaë becomes green, and appears to grow a mouse tail, ears, and a muzzle.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: (Shift) Makes her jump into the air and cover herself in oil and water before turning into a yellow snail with a print from her ordinary clothes on the sides of the black shell. It causes rain to fall. Turning back into a mouse halts the rain.

    Location: Found in Nursery Rhyme World. Equip the Star key and use it to chase down the green mouse running across the area. Interact with it to catch it.

    Once you have the mouse in your inventory, equip it, then press Shift to dunk it in the yellow liquid covering the area. Bring the mouse to the cauldron near the trio of gentlemen. Interact with it to exchange the mouse for the key.

    Practical Uses: Needed to get the Chewing Gum key.


    A very special feline...


    Appearance: Danaë wears a leopard outfit, pink glasses, red shoes, and a shoulder bag. She has a blonde side-tail hairstyle.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: (Shift) Makes Danaë dance.

    Location: Found in the Old Age area of the Life River. From the Pipe Facility in the Fantasy Bathroom, head left to board a boat. To advance to the next stage, remain in the room with the angel captain for a few seconds, after which the boat will come to a complete halt. Each stop may be explored by exiting the boat and following the pier. Repeat this process until you arrive at the fifth stage of old age, then interact with the radio near the tombstones.

    Practical Uses: Can be used to enter the men's restroom. In addition, interacting with the hairdresser makes it possible to change Danaë's hairstyle for some pieces (there are 3 different hairstyles). Both of these are accessible in the Midnight Mall. It can be used to gain entry into the Smugglers' Hideout.


    Never miss the bottom of things.


    Appearance: Danaë becomes a screw.

    Passive Effect: Danaë hops around.

    Action: (Shift) Makes Danaë drill into the ground. Pressing the action button again, she drills out the ground.

    Location: Found in the Silhouette Rooms. From the entrance, go: up, right, up, left, up, right 3x, left, and up. Interact with the white structure in the room's centre to fully view it and obtain the key.

    Practical Uses: Provides access to some hidden areas (i.e. Purple Mines and underneath Silhouette Rooms). Needed to get the Radiator key.


    We could have called him "spy" !

    The Radioactive key and Cosplay key are required. The Star/Mad key are recommended.

    Appearance: Danaë's head becomes an ear.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: (Shift) Makes Danaë listen closely.

    Location: Found in the Greek Maze. This area can be difficult to traverse safely: there are speedy worm-like chasers that will teleport you to inescapable rooms, as well as minotaurs running in a downward, linear manner that will force you awake if you collide with them. Equip the Cosplay key and press Shift to fool the chasers, but not prevent them from catching you. Carefully stop by any vertical passages to check for demons. Eventually, you'll be thrown in the dark; when you hit a corridor of eyes, use the Radioactive key to light your way. At the end is a chamber with a statue in the centre. Interact with it to remove its head and obtain the key.

    Practical Uses: Can be used to interact with some NPCs (like in the Residential Corridor World), which will provide a full-screen view of them and French text.

    Chewing Gum

    I think you need to be a bit more flexible.

    The Green Mouse (Souris Verte) key is required to obtain this key.

    Appearance: Danaë becomes a сhewed-gum version of herself.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: (Shift) Cause Danaë to leave сhewed gum on the ground.

    Location: Found in Dalí Phantasmagoric World. Locate a red orb, equip the Green Mouse (Souris Verte) key, then press Shift to turn into a snail and make rain fall. Doing so will cause the orb to melt, revealing a key. Interact with it to get the key.

    Practical Uses: Can leave up to 5 pieces of chewed gum on the ground, which can be used as markers.


    Cherry cherry cherry bonbon.


    Appearance: Danaë's head becomes a cherry.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: (Shift) Makes Danaë's head explode and be replaced right away.

    Location: Found in the Japanese Area. The last tree to the left has cherries as well as pink petals underneath it. Interact with that tree to obtain the key.

    Practical Uses: Attracts the flies in Le Jazzy Train Bleu.

    Magic Box

    Do you know how to divide by 3 ?


    Appearance: Danaë's body becomes a magic box.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: (Shift) Makes component parts of the box (and her body) randomly switch places.

    Location: Found in the Magic Area.

    Practical Uses: None.

    After entering the Thorny Garden from the mouth in the Nexus, travel north or south and interact with the bloody bone. On the Flies Platform, go north-west and interact with decayed pale khaki NPC near a yellow tube. On the Twins' Path, make your way to the opposite side to reach the Magic Area. Locate and interact with a walking saw to get the key.


    The saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaales !!!!

    Need at least 5€.

    Appearance: Danaë sports a bunch of shopping bags and gains a dangly charm on her headband.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: (Shift) Her cellphone will ring, making her jump, and then she will engage in a "conversation" with an individual on the other end.

    Location: Found in the Nursery. Go northeast and interact with the bird. In the pop-up interaction, select the money, then select the crossed-out money to get the key.

    Practical Uses: None.


    Open your mind...

    The Radioactive, Star/Mad, Cosplay and Brambles keys are required.

    Appearance: Danaë wears a green and gold believer costume. On her head is a fancy accessory.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: (Shift) Danaë becomes transparent and casts out a magic orb, which moves away from her in the direction she's facing. Pressing Z makes the orb return.

    Location: Found in the Queen's Garden: Torture Room. Go up to the fountain and north-west from there to a metal door hidden beneath the plants near the stairs. Enter the door to access the Torture Room. In here, interact with the dummy in a costume to get the key.

    Practical Uses: Can be used to visually explore the area. Mainly useful for surveilling out-of-bounds areas or to scout ahead for any chasers.


    Time to turn the page...


    Appearance: Danaë's head is replaced by a calendar with pages reminiscent of the four seasons.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: (Shift) Danaë flips a page on the calendar.

    Location: Found in Dreaming Lozère. It's just north of the tracks as a tree that is constantly switching its seasonal appearance.

    Practical Uses: Can be used to change the state of certain areas, like the Nexus or the Magic Area. In addition to this, the appearance of the Parrot key depends on the season of the calendar.


    Listen and repeat after me!


    Appearance: Danaë turns into a parrot wearing a shirt.

    Passive Effect: Certain sound effects heard while the key is equipped will be copied the next time the key is used.

    Action: Danaë makes a noise.

    Location: Found in Wild Tootbrush Territory. Navigate this world until you find a blue egg with the key inside next to a lake.

    Practical Uses: One of its uses includes getting past the monster in the Purple Mines.


    It's gonna be so hot (or cold)

    The Screw key is required.

    Appearance: Danaë's body becomes a radiator, and a knob appears on the side of her head.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: (Shift) Danaë twists the knob on her head, turning the radiator to cold air, hot air, or neutral.

    Location: Found in the Purple Mines. Head down and to the right, following the rails until you come to a stop at a conveyor belt. Interact with the object on the conveyor belt that resembles a burning cigarette to get the key.

    Practical Uses: One of its uses includes being necessary to obtain the Skis key.


    What's going to happen this time...


    Appearance: Danaë sports a beard, suspenders, an orange and green outfit, and a cap with a golden bell. A flower can be seen hanging from her mouth.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: (Shift) Danaë reaches behind her and holds up a horseshoe to perform a ritual where she will emit rays of light and conjure a four-leaf clover. She has a chance to do one of the following things:

    • Say "no" and do nothing
    • Become a golden version of herself
    • Transform into one of five variants of creatures seen in the Zoo:
      • a blue-eyed cyclopean monster, either yellow with red dots or orange with purple dots
      • a bird-like monster with a nest on top of its head, either green with black eyes or yellow with red eyes
      • a mosaic-patterned creature with a long neck
    • Gain 5€
    • Lose 5€
    • Summon a random food item
    • Lose a random food item
    • Make a firework to shoot up from the ground and cause a blue or yellow explosion

    Location: Found in the Sequoia Lucky Forest. Of the two spaces marked with a question mark on the spinners, land on the one that is coloured pink to get the key.

    Practical Uses: Can be considered a money source, albeit somewhat unreliable, since there is a chance it can be lost at the same rate.


    Quand te reverrais-je ? Pays merveilleux ! (When will I see you again ? Wonderful Land !)

    The Radiator key is required.

    Appearance: Danaë dons skiing equipment, including a coat, helmet, and goggles. She also carries a pair of skis on her back.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: None.

    Location: Found in the Icy River Mountain. Go left and head down the stairs, then head right until you see a key frozen in a block of ice. Equip the Radiator key, press Shift until Danaë is red, then interact with the frozen key to melt the ice and get the key.

    Practical Uses: Needed to unlock access to the Skiing event.