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    Amillusion:Musical Orbs World

    Musical Orbs World
    Amillusion Musical Orbs World.png
    Basic Info
    Keys EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Ssendam Enilaroc
    Pure Creativity NoReturn➡️
    Purple Mines Screw NoReturn➡️

    BGM None
    Map ID 0236

    The Musical Orbs World is an area accessible from the orb in the Nexus.

    Map of Musical Orbs World


    Musical Orbs World is a void with glistening, jingling paths that form distinct shapes, adorned by various orbs and objects. Interacting with an object turns it solid and adds a layer to the music, progressively transforming it into hypnotic jams.

    From the entrance, which is now cracked and in a puddle of pink fluid, following the wide path northeast leads past a bloodshot eyeball and up to a square that flashes between green, yellow, white, and black, which is a gateway into Pure Creativity.

    In the middle of the path is a rounded house with a chimney and a locked door. Northeast of it is a triangular opening in a stitched structure. Entering it takes Danaë to Ssendam Enilaroc.

    The Screw key may be used at any point, allowing Danaë to drop into the Purple Mines.


    The Nexus → Musical Orbs World