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    Braingirl:Menu Themes

    Mikan can access a list of menu themes by interacting with a black book on the table in her bedroom. By selecting Menu Settings in the Extras menu, the player can change their menu themes. New themes can be found through exploration.

    Menu themes can change the color palette, background, patterns, outlines, and/or text colors of various menu and selection screens. Each theme also has a unique color for the heart and text labels in Mikan's status menu.

    Do keep in mind that Braingirl is a work in progress; as such, this page is subject to further changes across future versions.

    Default Themes

    Icon Name Image
    Light Blue Cube.png Analog Menu box with white text, a blue selection bar, and a black background.
    Peach Cube.png Vanilla Menu box with a peach outline, peach text, and a deep purple background.
    White Cube.png Licorice Menu box with a white outline, white text, and a gray grid over a black background.
    Pale Yellow Cube.png Tobacco Menu box with a thick white outline, white text, and a deep purple background.
    Pale Green Cube.png Chalkboard Menu box with a striped brown outline, white text, a green background, and a gray selection bar with yellow caps on the ends.
    Gray Cube.png Acrylic Menu box with a white frame, white text, and a gray selection bar. The background is gray with silver, metallic wavy lines.
    Orange Cube.png Copper Menu box with a light brown frame, white text, and a faded pink selection bar. The background is black behind a decorative iron gate.
    Yellow Cube.png Psychedelic Menu box with a white outline and red text. The background is a faded green pattern of symbols including a moon and sun.
    Pale Red Cube.png Spacecraft Menu box with a red and white outline, yellow text, a blue bubble selection bar, and a starry sky background.
    Light Brown Cube.png Vortex Menu box with a pink background in an x pattern, bars resembling curtain rods on the left and right, white text, and a selection outline that resembles teeth.

    Unlockable Themes

    Icon Name Location Image
    Green Cube.png Moss First door of the Garden Ascend in the Shrine Garden at midnight Menu box with a green outline, green selection bar, and black background with pink sparkles.
    Brown Cube.png Tapestry Crypt Tombs in the bottom-right of the Crypt Menu box with a decorative background in white and brown. It has a brown bubble as the selection icon and white text.
    Red Cube.png Raspberry Corn maze in the Psychedelic Farm Menu box with a black-and-white x and o pattern background, red outline, and white font.