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Map ID 0064, 0066

The Crypt is an area accessible from a building on the left in the Graveyard.

Map of the Crypt


The Crypt is an underground area filled with pots, bones, and a few doglike NPCs. The main area has green, grassy floors with flowers sprouting from the ground. Sub-areas called the Crypt Tombs can be accessed through doorways throughout the Crypt. These consist of blue stone rooms that can be lit up with the Electric Light effect.

Going up from the entrance leads to two doors. The door on the left leads to a small section of the Crypt Tombs with 3 CDs. The door on the right leads to an empty room.

Going down from the entrance leads to a roundabout path with an inaccessible section visible in the middle. To the upper left of this section is a gateway with an under-construction warp. To the upper right is a hole in the wall that leads to a looping pathway in the Crypt Tombs. The Tapestry menu theme can be found lying on the ground here near some pots.

After acquiring the Tapestry theme, then returning to the main area, pink-eyed figures with hats will be present, watching you as you go. Near the path to the passageway under construction are the bloodied remains of one of the dog creatures; this is assumed to be the work of the aforementioned pink-eyed figures. Returning to the area, the other dog creature can be seen investigating the corpse, and returning once more will bring said dog creature back to his original position. The other dog's corpse will also be buried, with a grave erected, seeming as though the grave was built by his friend.


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