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    Braingirl:Shrine Garden

    Shrine Garden
    Shrine garden.png
    Basic Info
    Effects EffectElectric Light


    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Streets Hub
    Industrial Tunnels

    BGM Depressed Deer
    Slaughtered Deer (Area at night)
    Gakuzen (Sprit Shrines)
    heavy_rainout (Garden Ascend)
    heavy_rainin (Garden Ascend interiors)
    Map ID 0025, 0027, 0028, 0060, 0061
    Extras +
    YNOproject Badges
    BADGE shrine garden.png Resting Place; White Flowers

    The Shrine Garden is an area accessible from the bloodied shrine statue in Streets Hub's southeastern section.

    Map of the Shrine Garden
    Map of the Shrine Garden at midnight
    Map of the Garden Ascend


    From the Streets Hub, you start at one of the shrines, with two branching paths leading to the main Shrine Garden itself.

    The Shrine Garden is a gloomy, forested location that features sets of small concrete shrines, brown buildings, and fields of white flowers.

    North of the starting terrace is a concrete pathway with some streetlights next to it. Taking the western route here leads to the Industrial Tunnels.

    Continuing north along the pathway, you can find a building that takes you to a flight of stairs leading to the Saloon.

    Further north of the Saloon building is a fairy that makes a chime when interacted with and one of the Spirit Shrines, a mostly empty room that ends in a bed where a gray cat sleeps.

    Going west past this building, there is a large set of shrines. A suspicious-looking shrine leads to an under-construction warp.

    By choosing not to follow the concrete path, and instead taking the route east of it through the trees, you can find a section that branches north and south. Up north is a field of flowers, as well as some egg-shaped statues, one of which is blocking a staircase. Down south is a fairy near a patch of flowers. To the west of this fairy is a path partially covered by foliage, which leads to a shrine. Entering the shrine, you can find a white orb at the end of the path, which you can break.

    Upon exiting the shrine after breaking the orb, the Shrine Garden will now have a more ominous appearance. The atmosphere is more gloomy with some significant changes, such as pink blood splattered across some of the shrines, blocked access to the Streets Hub, streetlights switched off, and the flowers turning pink. If you go to the Saloon at this point, it will have changed to the Midnight Saloon. If you go to the Industrial Tunnels, it would appear to be a dead end. Heading back up to the large flower field, the egg statues now gain life as pink-eyed chasers with sinister grins on their faces, running around erratically. If you manage to outrun them on the way to the previously-blocked stairs, taking the upper stairs will lead to the Garden Ascend.

    Garden Ascend

    This is the upper section of the Shrine Garden, which consists of terraces and caves leading to dark passages. Inside the first cave, you can follow a set of passages that leads to the Moss menu theme. In the second, though it is empty, a point of interest is an eye seen within the walls. The third cave has a bloodied bulb, which grants the Electric Light effect when interacted with. The stairs on the topmost area do not lead anywhere yet, since they are still under construction.


    Streets Hub → Shrine Garden