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Deep Dreams:Ashy Desert

Ashy Desert
Ashy desert.png
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

The Nexus
Mushroom Cavern


Unforgiving Himalayas

Map ID 0004, 0060, 0061
Annotated map of the area.

The Ashy Desert is an area accessible from the staircase in the Nexus.


This world is a massive desert that appears to be made of either ash or very grayish sand. There are various cubic constructions all over the desert, some of them stacking up and forming various other shapes. The wind blows violently in this area as well. Spread through the land there is a modest variety of vegetation, mostly consisting of various plants, small trees, rocks, and even puddles of water forming oases.

From where you enter this world, going southeast will eventually lead you to a series of stacked-up stone cubes, one of them has a small entrance, and entering through it will take you to the Mushroom Cavern.

If you instead decide to keep going southeast a bit more, you may see a single stone cube with an entrance as well, entering it will take Mariana to a hidden, isolated room with a bench, some plants, and a big Sakura tree in full bloom.

From the entrance to the Nexus, going straight down past some stacks of stone cubes will lead to a small oase, fenced with big flowers. Inside this puddle will be a child with a hat, sitting next to the water. There's no way of interacting with them.


Nexus → Ashy Desert