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Deep Dreams:The Nexus

The Nexus
Deep Dreams Nexus.png
The Nexus in its initial state
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Mariana's Room
Ashy Desert
Mauve Shoal
Lamp Forest
Old Factory
Rainbow Scratch Park Locked🔒
Black Lace Locked🔒
Subnexus Locked🔒
Misty Forest Locked🔒



Map ID 0003

The Nexus is the starting point of Mariana's dream world, serving as the central hub binding the rest of the dream world together.


Entering from Mariana's Dream Room is a black room with white outlines, a door at the top leading back to her room and a door at the bottom leading to the main Nexus area. In the Nexus, it's also in black and white. Each portal in the nexus leads to another area:

There are also connections that can be unlocked from entering the Nexus from that world. The following includes: