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Deep Dreams:Minor Characters

Mariana's dreams are home to many different characters. This page lists every single character in the game, whether they are able to be interacted with or not. Note that while the majority of the names are non-canonical, some are official.

Alter Get Characters

These are NPCs that will give Mariana an Alter when she interacts with them.

Verdant Flower

A lone flower that can be found in the Old Factory. Gives you the Verdant Alter.


A creepy-looking creature that's confined to a capsule in the Hospital. Gives you the Damage alter.

Ghost Girl

A mysterious girl in Pastel House that's very similar in appearance to Lavender. Gives the Pastel alter when interacted with.

Girl in the swing

A small girl sitting in a swing at the very top of the Train Station. She gives you the Nostalgic alter.

Stained Glass Lamp

A sole stained glass lamp found in the Lamp Forest. Gives you the Glassy alter when interacted with.

Vortex Ghost

A strange-looking creature that inhabits one of the rooms in Escher Garden. It gives you the Vortex alter when interacted with.


A small round jellyfish located deep within the Alien Ocean, which gives you the Gelatinous alter when interacted with.

Mono Maiden

A cute girl in a maid outfit. She's the only inhabitant of Black Lace and gives you the Monochromatic alter.

Green Slime

A radioactive-looking slime that inhabits one of the rooms of the Neon Sewers. They give you the Toxic alter.

Shining Star

An adorable little star that wanders the Planetarium in Dark Town. She gives you the Celestial alter.

Deactivated Plague Nurse

An abandoned robot Plague Nurse found in the Abandoned Lab. Gives you the Metallic alter.

Angel Bunny

A big bunny woman with angel wings and a weird-shaped halo. Found sitting on a bed in a house in Misty Forest. Gives you the Apparition alter, but only if you have the Pastel alter equipped.

Secondary Characters

These are other NPCs that can be found wandering the dream world. They do not give the player any Alters.

Gummi.png Gummi

Gummi is a reddish siren creature. She can be found in the Bath House near the entrance to the Spa.

Illumihottie.png Illumihottie

Illumihottie is a triangular flying creature located near the biggest pool in the Bath House. As the name implies, she is based on the Eye of Providence, which is widely associated with the Illuminati in conspiracy theories and popular culture.

DD Flo.png Flo

Flo is in charge of the spa in the Bath House. Giving her 300 money will allow Mariana to take a bath in the spa, triggering the Spa Day event. She also appears in Yume 2kki's Graffiti City and Fantasy Isle as a shop owner and a prisoner respectively.

DD Marina.png Marina

Marina is a cute, green-haired girl in the Bath House taking a bath in one of the many pools. Like Flo, she also appears in Yume 2kki, where she can be found living in her house in the Neon Sea. Interacting with her will give Mariana a total of 500 money, but only once per save file.

Moksha.png Moksha

A humanoid character that is the only creature residing in Green Field.

Angel Squid.png Angel Jellyfish

An angelic jellyfish that wanders the Bath House.

Sea Snake.png Sea Snake

A large eel-like creature swimming in one of the pools of the Bath House.

Stained Glass Butterfly.png Kaleidoscope Butterfly

A tiny butterfly residing inside one of the rooms at the far-right of the Cathedral. Gives you a Menu Theme when interacted with.

Phantom Woman.png Phantom Woman

The Phantom Woman is a mysterious entity that endlessly wanders the Cathedral.

Psychidelic Creature.png Psychedelic Creature

A creature with an amorphous appearance that swims the waters of the third room of the rightmost section of the Cathedral. There is no way of directly interacting with it since it's in the water.

Koi Fish.png Koi Fish

These fish can be found in one of the rooms of the Cathedral inside what seems to be pools lying in the grass.

Fisherman.png Fisherman

A human-like creature sitting on the Docks.

Water Moose.png Humanoid Moose

A large character located in the Docks. The lower part of its body is underwater, so it is possible that this creature is bigger than it seems. It reacts to the Damage Alter.

Multinote Man.png Multinote Man

Multinote Man is a big creature found on the Docks. They are a series of multiple music note shaped heads sharing a single body.

Raincoat Girl.png Raincoat Girl

A girl that lives in a conic house in the Docks.

Mother & Son.png Mother & Son

Two ghostly figures found contemplating some jellyfish in the secret aquarium at the Docks.

Drowning Man.png Drowning Man

Aquarium Jellyfish.png Aquarium Jellyfish

Jellyfish seen swimming around in the aquarium at the Docks.

Hellflower.png Hellflower

Hellflower is a mysterious girl located in the Red River near the Spiderlily Menu Theme. Interacting with her will show a close-up of her face, smiling at you, and then she will disappear. It is possible to encounter her again in a random location after this.

Hanged Man.png Hanged Man

The Manager.png The Manager

The Manager is a tall, demon-like creature behind a counter at Victorian Stairs's entrance. He will not be happy if you mess with a jukebox somewhere in this world...

Uninvited Guest.png Uninvited Guest

An unknown character that hides behind a door in Victorian Stairs. Whatever this thing is, all we know is that it has three red eyes. Opening the door it's hiding behind will make it close it immediately. The door will be unable to open again unless the area is left.

Ghost Mariana.png Ghostly Mariana

A mysterious ghostly version of Mariana sitting in a fetal position in the Cathedral.

Psychidelic Sea Monster.png Psychedelic Sea Monster

This amorphous monster inhabits in the waters of the Docks near the Humanoid Moose. There's no way of interacting with it.