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Deep Dreams:Victorian Stairs

Victorian Stairs
Victorian Stairs.png
Basic Info


Events Uninvited Guest, The Manager
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Old Factory
Mod Street



Map ID 0039, 0040, 0041, 0042, 0043
Map Type Large, Looping, Non-looping, Multiple maps

The Victorian Stairs is an area accessible from a building in the Old Factory.

Annotated map of the Victorian Stairs


The Victorian Stairs is a large and complex staircase which seems to connect to itself in a physically impossible manner. Upon entering the building from Old Factory, you will be greeted by a dark and lanky figure, with fluffy hair, two curved horns, and red eyes. They seem to work as a receptionist for guests to the area. Equipping the Damage altar will make them have a sinister red smile and make a different sound upon interaction. The door to their left allows access into the maze.

As the name suggests, the area is large staircase maze, connecting different bright colored rooms to one another. Each room is decorated with furniture reminiscent of the 19th century Victorian era. As you explore the area, you will encounter a Plague Nurse, who will trap you in a small isolated room when caught, forcing you to either wake up or use the Vortex alter to escape. You may also come across some doors, which lead to either new areas, or interesting rooms detailed below.

Shadow Room

A small blue-green colored room which contains silhouettes of a guest sitting at a table, and a large rectangular shape to its side. The guest continuously bobs their head, presumably to the music.

Portrait Room

A yellow room filled with dancing portraits. The subject of each portrait varies, ranging from a bowling pin to the receptionist. One portrait remains blacked out.

Mirror Room

A nicely decorated magenta bedroom. Contains a dresser, a table, a chair, and a nice bed in the Victorian style. In the center of the north wall hangs a large mirror, which when interacted with, takes you to a mirrored version of the room. Attempting to open the exit door will cause a dark figure with red eyes to open up. If they disapprove of you, they will give a sound and immediately lock the door. They will not open back up until you have reentered the mirror.


A small, looping room filled with hanging lightbulbs, which are all too dim to make the floor fully visible. A jukebox can be found which can be interacted with, but does little to nothing at first glance. However, there is a 1/30 chance that when interacted with, the place will have a red tint, with static flashing periodically. Exiting this area when this happens takes you to the Manager's Room. Interacting with the Manager here will trigger a full-screen event featuring their grinning visage, before waking Mariana up.


Nexus → Old Factory → Victorian Stairs