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Deep Dreams:Old Factory

Old Factory
Old Factory.png
Basic Info


Events Reactivation
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

The Nexus
Victorian Stairs


Puzzle Game

Map ID 0007, 0049, 0050, 0051, 0052, 0053, 0054, 0055

The Old Factory is an area accessible from the hole in the Nexus.


The Old Factory is an overgrown, abandoned factory with winding corridors, boarded doorways, and barred windows. Lining the soiled walls are metal pipes and drains seeping some sort of fluid. The factory has decayed to the point that both the roof and flooring have broken apart, leading to both sunshine and plants spreading through the rooms. Despite this, the fans and some of the lights are still functional.

There is little evidence as to what was previously produced here, but you can find taped boxes, opened and unopened, and lockers littered throughout the rooms. You may explore the roof, which contains one of many vending machines, or find the exit to the factory, which leads to Victorian Stairs.

South of the doorway that leads to the outside is another hidden doorway leading further inwards. From here, two more doorways can be found. The middle doorway leads to the pink flower, which gives the Verdant alter, and the rightmost doorway leads to a large decayed robot.

The robot has a humanoid appearance, with steel limbs and gold accents. They are equipped with bird-like wings and large blue lenses for eyes. Vines cover its exterior, with sunlight pouring into the room, giving proof to the time it has spent here deactivated. Using the Verdant alter here allows flowers to bloom around the room. Equipping the Metallic alter and interacting with the robot results in its eyes glowing with a purple color that matches the flowers.


The Nexus → Old Factory