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Dotflow:Footprint Path

Footprint Path
Flow footprint path.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)


Effects EffectNone
Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Dysmorphic World
Rainbow Maze
Plant Corridors

BGM 足跡/Footprint Path
弾幕/barrage (Rainbow Maze Path)
Map ID 0065, 0066, 0068, 0080, 0107

The Footprint Path is an area accessible from the Dysmorphic World.


Footprint Path is a small and linear connecting area that can be accessed from Dysmorphic World. The path has a few dead ends, but at one end is a monster that will eat Sabitsuki when she walks into its mouth. This will take the player to a path that leads into Rainbow Maze.

A few clumps of tentacles can be found within this area, which have a small chance of taking Sabitsuki to the Opposite Footprint Path when interacted with. Hitting these tentacles with the Iron Pipe has a higher chance of initiating the warp.

Opposite Footprint Path

Opposite Footprint Path is a small, looping area with a passive Kaibutsu and an entrance to the Plant Corridors. Interacting with any of the tentacles in this area will immediately warp Sabitsuki back to the regular Footprint Path.

If the Kaibutsu in Opposite Footprint Path is attacked with the Iron Pipe, or another passive Kaibutsu has been attacked in the same flow session, it will become aggressive and warp Sabitsuki to the Music Cube area of Music World.


EntranceDysmorphic World → Footprint Path