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Dotflow:Dysmorphic World

Dysmorphic World
Basic Info
Original Name(s)



EffectMono Eye

Events None
Notable NPCs Kaibutsu
Connecting Areas

Footprint Path
Corrupted School Chance🍀 Ghost

BGM 奇形世界Dysmorphic World
Map ID 0012, 0017, 0018, 0019, 0059

Dysmorphic World is an area accessible from the northern path of the Entrance.

Map of Dysmorphic World


Dysmorphic World is a large, dreary black void filled with grotesque, violent imagery. The majority of the figures scattered around the world are depicted with eerie smiles, empty eye sockets, or piercing yellow eyes. A crude, giant drawing of a red eye occasionally scrolls by in the background.

Northwest of the entrance, a flesh pillar can be found with an eyeball on the floor in front of it. Interacting with this eyeball will grant the Mono Eye effect.

From the entrance, heading south and slightly west will take you to a pair of disembodied arms. Going between them will transport you to an enclosed area with a single hostile Kaibutsu. Stepping on the footprints in this room will take you to the Footprint Path. Getting caught by the Kaibutsu will instead trap you in an enclosed area in the Submarine City. The Kaibutsu will be replaced by a single Fetus if the area is visited as Rust.

The entrance to the Corrupted School can be found directly northeast of the entry door but can only be accessed by chance: Every time a flow session begins, the game rolls a number from zero to five. When this number is less than three, this area will only have two figures. When the number is three or four, the area will instead have a trio of figures. If the number is five, you will be able to enter the mouth of the center figure, leading you to a strange passageway. This gives Sabitsuki roughly a 17% (1/6) chance of being able to access Corrupt School per flow session. When entering flow as Rust, this number will instead be rolled from two to five, giving Rust a 25% (1/4) chance of accessing the event.

Proceeding north to the top of the corridor will lead to three hostile Kaibutsu that will begin chasing Sabitsuki. Running away from them to the bottom will result in one more, extremely fast Kaibutsu spawning. Without the Ghost effect active, it will almost instantly catch Sabitsuki, leaving her lying on the ground outside of the now closed entrance. Bypassing this Kaibutsu with the Ghost effect and proceeding to the left will take you to the Corrupted School.

Note that all of the Kaibutsu will be replaced with Fetuses when the area is visited as Rust, though they will still kick you out if they catch you.


Entrance → Dysmorphic World