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Muma Profile.png
Name Origin

夢魔 (Nightmare)






Protagonist of Muma Rope.


Memory Room

Muma is the playable protagonist of Muma Rope.


Muma is a girl with messy white hair that partially covers her forehead. She wears a black tank top and sports a hot pink skirt.


Though not much is known about Muma's past, a part of her interests or personality may be inferred by some drawings found in the Succubus Grotto, which mostly depict her.

She appears to be heavily associated with rabbits, as they are often found in multiple worlds, even if seemingly out of place. It is possible she may contemplate ending her own life quite often, as imagery of ropes or nooses appear throughout the game's areas and the Memory Room which she inhabits gives her the ability to hang herself instantly with no prior warning. She may also have a violent nature, as shown through the events of the "Erasure" route and ending, though this could only be because of the player's actions taken to achieve this ending.

One other interesting thing to note is that she appears to be associated with a boy character that is not often seen throughout the game, only seen through a drawing in the Succubus Grotto, a physical appearance in the same area's bedroom subarea, and possibly in Glitch, where a similar-looking character appears. In the drawing, he appears alongside Muma, holding her hand with a pink heart between the two. This may imply that the two have or had a relationship, or one may be interested in the other. Imagery of hearts is also not uncommonly seen throughout the game as well, largely through the game's collectible Memories.


  • Muma's name appears to be taken from "muma" (夢魔), which refers to the folkloric mare entity, which sits on people's chests as they sleep to induce nightmares. "Muma" can also refer to an incubus or succubus, which are demons that take on male and female forms, respectively, to seduce people in their dreams. These two meanings may be alluded to in the Succubus Grotto, where the kanji making up "夢魔" can be seen.