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Muma Rope:Succubus Grotto

Succubus Grotto
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Isle of Seasons
R-Maze Chance🍀


drip drop
Menu (to the Bedroom)
Muma_vent (Bedroom)

Map ID 0070, 0071, 0072

The Succubus Grotto is an area accessible from a secret passage in the underground section of the Isle of Seasons.


Heading north, you will find a pentagram with a pedestal on the middle. The R-Maze portal can be found to the left of the pentagram, if it is active in this area.

On the back wall are four crayon drawings. From right to left, they feature Muma holding hands with a boy, Muma with a giant strawberry, Muma holding hands with two bunnies, and a noose.

To the left of the drawings is a one-way door to the Memory Room.

To the right of the drawings is a tennis ball that Muma can carry. Putting the ball on the other pedestal will make a pink portal appear.

Through the portal is a space with pink and white striped moving background. The word "夢魔" (muma, meaning nightmare, incubus, succubus) is written on several places on the floor. At the right end is another portal that leads to a photo-realistic bedroom.

The bedroom seems to belong to the boy character depicted in one of the drawings in the grotto, as indicated by the tennis racket and blue color theme. The boy is sleeping on the bed. Approaching the bed will make Muma jump on it and sit on the boy's chest, while a pink heart appears above Muma's head.


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