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Muma Rope:Memory Room

Memory Room
Basic Info


EffectBubblegum, Empty #1



Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

First Steps



Map ID 0001, 0002, 0100, 0101

The Memory Room is where the player starts (and ends) the game. This world also acts as a return point from anywhere in the game, and can be accessed at any time.


The Memory Room is a desolate world prior to completing the tutorial and only consists of a black room with a path to a door with a pink heart on it. An orange chair and a noose also await at the other end of the path. Interacting with the chair at any point will cause Muma to hang herself, ending the game and returning the player to the title screen.

A few more notable objects are added after the tutorial, however. These include the Memories, which fill the room as they are collected throughout the game, and a piece of paper on the right which gives the ability to save the game's progress. Heading through the southernmost door leads to a corridor with several flights of stairs and pink arrows pointing back to the previously exited door. At the end of the stairs is a bright doorway that leads to First Steps when entered.

This world houses one of the hidden collectibles neccesary to see one of the endings. Seeing the static is the key to unlock it.


One of the seven Empties can be obtained here by walking to the left of the Memory Room's door in the room with stairs. Doing so will lead to the area's dark surroundings, creating an invisible winding path that causes static to flash on the screen when traversed. At the end of the path is a door nearly identical to the Memory Room door, albeit with the pink heart substituted for a black one. Entering the door will lead to a ruined version of the Memory Room with a hanging duplicate Muma and an Empty. Picking up the Empty will cause Muma's figure to flash static before the screen also flashes static, returning Muma to the Memory Room. After the Empty has been obtained, this area can not be revisited.

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