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A's Room
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas


BGM Missing
Map ID 0029, 0030, 0034, 0036

A's Room is where the game begins, and where A resides.


A's room is bright and colourful, decorated with pastel green walls and light blue flooring. There is a purple door to the east next to a bed that A sleeps in, and a picture on the wall depicting a green dragon in a pink sky. On the west side is a red and blue carpet and a desk with a chair that A can sit in. A can save by sitting at the desk whilst they are awake. Also on the west are transparent double doors leading out to A's balcony, which contains two teddy bears and a starry night sky.

A's Dream Room

A's Dream Room is mostly identical to when they are awake, except that the serpent in the photo is now absent and the blue lamp next to their bed is missing. Going out to the balcony will reveal that the dragon has escaped, and is now flying in a bright pink pastel sky. The purple door, which had previously been unable to be opened, now leads to the Nexus.