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    Sewers someday.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Events Alley Chase
    Notable NPCs Cricket
    Connecting Areas

    Purple Polka-Dot World
    Desert Mercury NoReturn➡️
    Ice World Mercury NoReturn➡️

    BGM Uncharted Territory (50%) (Sewers)
    Wind (50%) (Shower off)
    Clean (Shower on)
    Map ID 0073, 0074, 0139, 0140, 0141, 0175, 0176

    The Sewers is an area accessible from one of the pyramids in Purple Polka-Dot World.


    Map of Sewers

    The Sewers are a dark set of grey corridors with almost no life around except a single cricket. A few boxes are strewn about, giving money when broken like usual, and the walls are adorned with rusted pipes that seem to be slightly leaky. Grey, stagnant sewage is plentiful, sitting in small canals and blocking access to some areas of the sewer passages. Large pipe entrances lie in the walls, which move you between different sections of the sewers.

    From the Purple Polka-Dot World entrance, heading all the way right leads you to a wooden crate. Heading up at the intersection before it leads to a stagnant pool of water preventing you from accessing two large pipes. Heading left and up leads you to a horizontally looping corridor featuring a box, a pipe that eventually leads to the City, a cricket, a hallway leading north, and a small crack on the wall that can be entered with the Mercury effect.

    The passageway to the City eventually leads to a small room that features a ladder and the word "SLEEP" scrawled on the wall in black graffiti spraypaint. When falling asleep, there is a chance the word will be colored in green, and interacting with it at this point will lead you to the Alley Chase event. Taking the ladder to the right of the Graffiti will lead you to the City, climbing out of a manhole.

    Taking the hallway north of the cricket leads to another horizontally looping passageway, taken up mostly by sewage. Another large pipe can be entered here, which forces you to wade through yet more sewage, before finally dropping you off in the deep end of the Seabed.

    Entering the crack with Mercury leads you to a small, nearly featureless room, with yet more sewage, as well as a small puddle of stagnant grey water. Stepping in this puddle leads you to the Shower, accompanied by the sound of a splash of water and a shower door closing. You cannot return to the Sewers upon entering the Shower.

    The Shower

    The Shower is a linear passageway leading straight to the right. Immediately upon entering, one will notice Itsuki is naked. This is because he's in the shower. It's a pastel blue-green, and features a pair of slowly moving purple and blue waves in the distance. The area is, initially, completely silent. Effect use and waking up is disabled in the Shower.

    Heading all the way right will lead to a pitch black area with two faucet knobs on the wall. The left one has a blue dot on it, and the right one has a red dot. Interacting with one will turn it on. Only one can be turned on at a time. When a knob is turned, the main part of the Shower will begin to "rain", the shower being turned on, with a song beginning to play. At any point before leaving the shower, you can head back to the right, and turn the water back off, switching which temperature you use.

    Turning the blue knob will turn on the cold water. Heading all the way left will send Itsuki to the northernmost part of Ice World, with no way to return, although he will be able to use his effects again, and will regain his clothes. Entering Ice World this way will allow you to access the Snowy Day event.

    Turning the red knob will turn on the hot water. The world will be overlaid with foggy condensation from the steaming water, and various drawings in the fog will be present, most easily visible when Itsuki walks past. These include a backward question mark, a Nice Guy, and 3 other as-of-yet unidentified scribbles. Heading all the way left will put Itsuki on the west edge of the Desert's south half, with no immediate way back to the Sewers, while returning his clothes, effects, and ability to wake up.


    • The SLEEP graffiti is based on one of Jojogape's dreams.
    • In addition to having their use disabled in the Shower, the effects take on the descriptions they have in the waking world, possibly due to an "awake" flag being set to disable both the effect and wakeup functions at the same time easily.
    • Jojogape's response to anyone being surprised at Itsuki being naked in the Shower is that he thought it was fine because Earthbound did it once.
      • It's SFW because his body is completely featureless.
      • Jojogape has gone on to regret this decision, and will tie a towel around his waist in 0.11 .
    • Based on the door closing sound and the mist that appears when the hot water is turned on, Itsuki is dreaming about a glass, windowed shower, as opposed to a bathtub-and-curtain shower, and thus must have used the former kind more than the latter.


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