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Ultra Violet:Sometsuki's Room

Sometsuki's Room
UV SometsukisRoom.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)




Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

The Nexus


BGM012夢日記 (Laptop)
BGM046ミニゲームイントロ (PANErabbit countdown)
BGM047ミニゲームメイン (PANErabbit)
BGM002nice bed (Dream Room)

Map ID 0001, 0014, 0033, 0034

Sometsuki's Room is the game's starting point, and the place where Sometsuki resides.


Sometsuki's Room is a small, rectangular room with a primarily purple and white color scheme. The room also has a small balcony with some flower-filled planet boxes and a distant city. The room's exit door is located in the top right corner, albeit Sometsuki will simply shake her head and refuse to leave if it is interacted with. The light switch next to the door can also be interacted with to switch on and off the lights. Next to the light switch is a television, which can be switched on to display a show with two rabbits.

The desk with the laptop on it, which is to the left of the television, is where the player can save the game as well as perform various other actions. Other than saving the game with the book icon, the player can change their window type/UI style to any they have collected, view their stats and info with the purple rabbit icon, and play PANErabbit with the multicolored tile icon. Additionally, there are three icons that can be toggled to play certain animations in the dream world relating to vending machines, the appearance of the Ribbons effect, and the Dream Diary, though the latter two will only appear if you have obtained these two in the dream world.

Once the player enters the bed, Sometsuki will be taken to the dream world where she starts off on her balcony. In the dream world, the balcony has changed to have buildings surrounding Sometsuki's residence and two streetlamps replacing the balcony's usual contents. The room also has slightly different mechanics, now letting Sometsuki ride her desk chair when attempting to access the laptop and instead having the light switch be in the closet on the left side of the room. It is also impossible to get into the bed or turn on the television in this version of the room. Exiting the room through the brown door will lead to The Nexus.


  • By no-clipping past the balcony in Sometsuki's Dream Room, it is revealed that the area is much larger than expected, having pathways, streetlamps, and scattered windows on various buildings. It is possible this may be an unfinished area or the balcony was meant to be an entirely different area visually.