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    Collective Unconscious:Book Covers

    Book Covers are custom pictures for the front of Minnatsuki's book that can be found throughout the spirit world. They are purely cosmetic and have no effect on gameplay.

    Name Author Condition(s) Image
    Default A Led Unlocked by default at the start of a new game. Default A.png
    Default B Default B.png
    Pale Park Mitzyrie Enter Pale Park. Pale Park.png
    Say Cheese! egguterra Obtain the Rodentia Eidolon in the City. Say Cheese!.png
    Melancholic Mycelium WikiOdd Use the Soulfire Eidolon on the mushroom leading to Weeping Monsters World. Melancholic Mycelium.png
    Phlogiston Roninnozlo Enter the annex in the Burning Building. Phlogistonwp.png
    Duke of Geometry Roninnozlo Visit RGBY Wall World. Duke of Geometry.png
    Luminous Trip rollaby Ride the minecart in Crystal Complex. Luminous Trip.png
    Remember To Rest MillieAmp Find the nightcap kiwi in Crystal Complex somewhere other than the minecart. Remember To Rest.png
    Lamentation eviled Interact with Cali in Weeping Monsters World. Lamentation.png
    Trade Offer maple Visit both Smiling Pen Office and Brutalist Warehouse. Trade Offer.png
    Fire Friends MillieAmp Obtain the Sun Menu Theme in Burning Building. FireFriendsBC.png
    WALKMANN Roninnozlo Visit the Road Maze. WALKMANN.png
    Starstruck NacreMoon See the Starlight Witch in their house in the Fantasy Forest. Starstruck.png
    Dance 'til Dawn Geno Witness the Coyote Rave event in Lavender Ruins. Dancetildawncover.png
    Spirited Flame's Wrath akalog Obtain the Soulfire Eidolon in the Sky Mausoleum and successfully escape. Flamebookcover.png
    worker MillieAmp Look at the boss's screen in Brutalist Warehouse after using the Soulfire Eidolon on one of the workers. CU cover Worker.png
    Sisters NacreMoon See the Lost Girl and Ghost in Thorn Fields. Sisterscover.png
    A Mysterious Specimen NacreMoon Interact with the container displaying a hand in Dark Archives. Cu cover 19.png
    Pastel Skull meena Visit Candy Lagoon. Pastelskullbc.png
    Wisteria Grove Girl meena See the Drain Girl in Wisteria Grove. CU cover WisteriaGroveGirl.png
    Monolith eviled Enter Obelisks. Monolithbc.png
    A landscape of colors Proton Visit the Tulip Field. (Due to an in-game bug, this cover is currently unlocked only if the last time you visited the Magical Home in Fantasy Forest, the witch was there, otherwise it is locked) Cu cover 23.png
    Singularity bWF5 Obtain the Umbra Eidolon in Void Cenotaph and successfully escape. SingularityBC.png
    tranquil nekhnona Visit every Nexus world. Tranquilbc.png
    Ghost Friends meena Enter the Ghost Village and see the bar, deity, and basement monster. Ghostfriendsbc.png
    The Wailing Tree meena Interact with one of the tree-like figures in Spiral Limb Passage. Wailingtreebc.png
    Forbbiden Beauty meena See the deity in Ghost Village. Forbiddenbeautybc.png
    Prickly Roses meena Enter Thorn Fields. Pricklyrosescover.png
    Unwelcome Intrusion meena Interact with the NPC next to the vending machine in Altered Plains. UnwelcomeIntrusionBC.png
    Serenity and Smoke bWF5 Witness the Smoke Break event in Brutalist Warehouse after lighting Hadie's cigarette with the Soulfire Eidolon and then sitting on the nearby bench. CU cover SerenityAndSmoke.png
    Burnt out Bookworm meena Interact with the Dust Bunny NPC surrounded by books in Dust Bunny World. BurntOutBookwormBC.png
    Maiden of the Garden noildoof Find the wandering NPC in Lightbulb Garden. Maidenofthegardencover.png
    Talented Calamari meena View the Squid God event in Eternal Communion. Talentedcalamaricover.png
    A Silly Creature mitzyrie Find Caleb in Portrait Forest. Asillycreaturecover.png
    Tasty Snack! mitzyrie Take a bite out of one of the moving shrimp in Shrimp Zone. Tastysnackbc.png
    x1 Kalimba GET! meena Obtain the Kalimba Eidolon in Star Pillar World. Kalimbabc.png
    No Biting!! MillieAmp Get eaten in Glass Shards Path after annoying the Glass Eater with the Youth Eidolon. No Biting!! BC.png
    Pillar to Everything and Nowhere meena Enter the Spirit World for the first time. Pillarbc.png
    Bloody Vessel nekhona Find the Blood Drive. Bloodyvesselbc.png
    Blooming Iris meena Interact with the Eye-Lily found on the White Lotus Islands. Bloomingiriscover.png
    The Director's Cut meena Complete all of the puzzles in the Box Office. Thedirectorscutcover.png
    Gleeful Joyride meena Purchase a bike and go for a ride in April. Gleeful Joyride BC.png
    Death of a Dying Star NacreMoon Kill the star NPC hidden in Outer Hospital. DeathOfADyingStarBC.png
    Imprisoned Beneath the Abyss meena See the Imprisoned Flower Girl in the Corrupted School. ImprisonedBeneathTheAbyssBC.png
    Missing from the Fluther meena Obtain the Lumen Eidolon in Jellyfish World. MissingFromTheFlutherBC.png
    Tabloid of a Dancer meena Watch Tusuq Warmi dance to kalimba in the Mural Passage. Tabloidofadancercover.png
    Moonlit Dream NacreMoon View the Moonlit Dream event in Moonlit Path. MoonlitDreamBC.png
    A Place Left Behind NacreMoon See the secret classroom in Corrupted School. Aplaceleftbehindcover.png
    Formos rollaby Interact with the NPC in A Long Journey until it disappears. Formos CU bookcover.png
    The Sweetest Performance Proton Trigger the Performance event in Sweets Circus. TheSweetestPerformance CU bookcover.png
    Soapy Voyage Coropuchino See the Bubble Flight event in Soapy Baths. Soapyvoyagecover.png
    innocent days maengo Find the picnic area in Wisteria Grove. Innocentdayscover.png
    She was always there Coropuchino Interact with the Rain Girl in Industrial Waters. ShewasalwaysthereCUbookcover.png
    chromatic tendrils maengo See Artist-chan's mural in Soapy Baths. Chromatictendrilsbc.png
    At the Dead of Night Yoopyts Spot the two figures in trench coats residing on Midnight Street. Atthedeadofnightcover.png
    Serenity Proton Enter Eternal Communion. Serenity.png
    Journey Without Direction THEREDSTONEBRO Enter the Maroon Dunes. Journeywithoutdirectioncover.png
    Dream Vacation Snoocola Visit the Roof Tub. Dreamvacationbc.png
    Light leads the way Snoocola Enter the Internal Vista. Lightleadsthewaycover.png
    Caretaker of the shores Snoocola Encounter the Goddess of Gulls at the Polluted Shore. Cu cover 61.png
    Wandering Together Rolypoly Trigger the Wander Together event. Wanderingtogether cu bookcover.png
    Words adrift Coropuchino Find the Paper Plains. Wordsadriftcover.png
    What do you see this time? iEcilpse Enter the Spirit World ten times. Spiritworld10bc.png
    Panbata Widdershins Interact with the download tab that appears after completing the four puzzles on Terracities. CU cover Panbata.png
    Red Roses and Reveries Proton See the weeping angel in the Scarlet River. Redrosesandreveriescover.png
    goodnight Proton Turn off the lights in Sewing Cat Cove. Goodbyecover.png
    Radiating Rusted Runes caffeinq Activate the runes in Rusted Runic Towers. Radiatingrustedrunes.png
    the duality of zoo eyoyy See both versions of Surreal Zoo (with and without using the Youth Eidolon). TheDualityOfZooBC.png
    Now Loading Memories... iEcilpse Get to the Window Room in Loading Zone. Nowloadingmemoriescover.png
    Menina Borboleta JL Visit the butterfly girl's room in Outer Hospital for the first time. MeninaBorboletaBC.png
    Nurse Doll fzn Get caught by one of the Nurse Dolls at the Blood Drive. Nursedollcover.png
    Spick and Span eviled Enter the Soap Lady's house in Flower Plaza. Spicknspanbc.png
    Blazing Soul eyoyy Use the Soulfire Eidolon on 100 things. CU cover BlazingSoul.png
    Alone on a Winter Night Rolypoly Enter the Snowy Path in Snowy World. AloneOnAWinterNightCUbookcover.png
    Abyssal Beauty Rolypoly Jump five times between the platforms in the Abyssal Bleu. Abyssalbeautycover.png
    Alone? Mooncaller Find the fate of the priestess in the Evil Clearing event, located in GBC Village. Cu cover 77.png
    ENTITY nekhnona View the Agoraphobia event. Cu cover ENTITY.png
    Rain or Shine... Yarshmellow Get the Climate Eidolon atop the Frozen Tower. CU cover RainOrShine.png
    Picture Day Shakzass Find the Youth Eidolon in Surreal Zoo. Pictureday.png