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    This page lists every author that has ever contributed to Uneven Dream, what they have done to contribute, and their preferred contact information (if available).



    Nexus0.10 is one of the co-founders of Uneven Dream. He also made areas such as Fast Food World and Mutant Sunflower World. His worlds are notable for their whimsical events and dreamy imagery.

    He is also known for making fangames such as Journal Nikki and INSULTED.


    River (formerly known as Hecatia and Ruri) has previously contributed to fellow collaborative fangame Yume 2kki, before making the decision to remove all of her worlds and move them to Uneven Dream, along with adding some new worlds in the mix. She has made Crystal Caves, Sprout Desert, Snail Palace, Biological Research Facility, and more.



    FD was the main programmer behind most of the common event coding in Uneven Dream, and one of the co-founders of the project. He programmed the in-game Computer and the collectible wallpaper system, as well as the character selection screen. FD made areas such as Surreal Park and Monochrome Void. FD's areas are notable for having sleek designs and catchy music. He also added the Fast Forward effect.

    He is also known for making the fangame Yasumeru.

    Twitter: @patbytes


    olm made Broken World, added the Star effect, and contributed graphics for the now-defunct Computer Room. olm is notable for being the very first contributor to Uneven Dream.


    QMark (better known as M-256) has made many areas for Uneven Dream, including but not limited to Sandy Showroom, Lightbulb World, Lonely Alley, Concrete Treehouse, and Grayscale Gardenscape. Their areas are known for their bizarre atmospheres and unique NPCs. As of version 0.08, they have contributed the second-highest number of worlds, coming in at 16 worlds.

    They have also created the fangames Me, Somnium and Cerasus.

    Twitter: @mirabolantes256

    John Ruiz

    John Ruiz (formerly known as BackBeatAnthem) added the Boombox, Music Box, Lily of the Valley, and Snowglobe effects. He also made areas such as Elegant Diner and Rainy Garden, which have been removed as of version 0.08. His areas were known for their detailed environments and orchestral soundtracks. He has plans to reimplement these worlds in the future.

    He is also known for making the game The Other Line.

    Twitter: @ruiz_y_cardenas


    OutlanderS3S made the areas Twilight Garden and Clash of Mutated Forms. Her areas are known for having her signature "Borderlings" creatures in them.

    She is also known for making the Yume Nikki fangame Iter Itineris.


    Milica (better known as Noyemi K) made Tanunjon as well as contributed other songs for other developers to use. Her areas are known for using a distinctly limited red-and-green color palette.

    She is also known for making the fangames Nightmare Castle and DuGaSHoBa!


    001247 was another lead programmer and worked alongside the administrators. He contributed graphics for the designs of the protagonists' bedrooms, prior to his removal of content in version 0.08. Some of the worlds he made were the Trashy Alleyway and Red Forest. His areas were known for their character lore in their events. On top of this, he added 6 effects: Box, Seer, Pencil, Hoodie, Butterfly and Cyber, as well as the in-game computer UI. These elements remain intact.


    Jojogape made areas such as Breezy Plains and the Toxic Waste Plant. He also added the Cape, UV Light, and Dark Matter effects. His worlds are notable for their strange imagery and fun atmosphere. His most well-known creation in Uneven Dream is the El Bebe event.

    He is also known for making the fangame Someday.

    Twitter: @jojogape


    Rurima (better known as Beloth) made a wide variety of areas and effects for Uneven Dream, such as Galleta World, Starlit Road, PC98 World, and Lost Bunker to name a few. They added 5 effects: Lamppost, Sunflower, Sidetail, Mermaid, and Nightcap. They have an eclectic style to their worlds, ranging from pastel and bright to downright dark and gloomy.

    They are also known for making many fangames, including Agony and Espacio.


    EBroxas72 made areas such as Winter Village and Purple Town. She also added the Turtle and Origami effects. Her areas are known for their amount of interactivity and detailed events, as well as her unique painterly art style.

    She is also known for making the fangame Deathbed Lullabye.

    Twitter: @EBroxas72gaby


    sniperbob made areas such as Red and Blue Passage and Congregation Island. He also added the Plug and Mouth effects. His areas are known for their scary atmospheres and nightmarish imagery.

    He is also known for contributing to Yume 2kki and making the fangame Dream of Life.

    Twitter: @sniperbob5


    gummy has contributed a lot of areas. To name a few: Kaomoji Mall, Playing Card Maze, Puppet Theater, and Duck World. His areas are known for their creative interactions and events, as well as their highly eclectic atmospheres and mix of art styles. As of version 0.08, he has created the most worlds in the game.


    stylzm made areas such as Stone Wasteland and Alien Plants World. His areas are notable for their surreal, desolate atmosphere.

    Twitter: @stylzm_


    Hashtag_Underscore made The Abyss. He also contributed the wasp sprites for gummy's Bumblebee Lounge.


    maple has contributed many worlds to the game, including Balloon Festival, Jelly Cube Lake and Uranium Glass Warehouse. Her worlds are recognizable by their lighthearted feel, use of pastel colors, and overall cute atmosphere. She also programmed the Music application on the in-game computer as well as implementing many quality-of-life functions.

    She is also a manager for the fellow collaborative fangame Collective Unconscious.

    Twitter: @lumiscosity


    Forest is responsible for creating Art Deco World, notable for her highly detailed and intricate art style and elegant atmosphere.


    ZLD1 created the Fake Sky, Beneath the Sky, and the Abstracted Mall. These worlds are notable for their cold, alien atmosphere and geometric designs. He also made the music for Crystal Caves and has made the alternative default wallpapers.

    He is also an admin for the fellow collaborative fangame Note Dream.

    Twitter: @NoteDream1

    Other Contributors


    Sakura contributed the current designs of Kubotsuki and Totsutsuki. (first appearance: 0.00a).

    Sakura also made the fangame E Nikki.

    Twitter: @karikari_flower


    Rindre contributed some music, one of which is used in Star Cactus Desert.


    Nulsdodage contributed the song "short029" (it's currently unused).

    He also contributed to Yume 2kki and has translated many fangames.

    Twitter: @nulsdodage

    Laeaurra Flamehawk

    Laeaurra Flamehawk is EBroxas72's mother and contributed a painting that appears in the Cabin. She has plans to further contribute.