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    Uneven Dream:Mutant Sunflower World

    Mutant Sunflower World
    Basic Info
    Effects EffectNone

    Menu Theme #5

    Events Burnt Cookies
    Notable NPCs Grandma, Sunflower Fairy
    Connecting Areas

    Shoe Rack
    Snail Palace

    BGM Nexus-sunflower (Entrance)
    Nexus-bgm026 (Grandma's House)
    Nexus-bgm028 without noise (Burnt Cookies Event)
    Nexus-bgm028 (Burnt Cookies Event; Burner)
    Map ID 0013, 0014, 0015, 0330, 0335
    Version Added 0.07
    Author Nexus0.10
    Extras +
    YNOproject Badges
    Cookies badge.png Cookies

    Mutant Sunflower World is a world accessed from the slide in the Shoe Rack.

    Map of Mutant Sunflower World


    This world initially starts off in a large pile of sunflower petals. Going down from here will bring the player to a long pathway with a small detour to the right, taking this detour takes Totsutsuki to a small clearing where the Sunflower Fairy resides, interacting with her will unlock Menu Theme 5. Trying to kill her will flash the screen red and teleport Totsutsuki back to the pathway, with the entrance to the clearing now blocked with flowers which will forbid entry to the clearing for the rest of the dream session.

    Taking the main path instead leads to a dim grassy field with yellow rivers and large mutant sunflowers. There are also bumblebees flying around and flowers swaying in the breeze. Using the Sunflower effect will make the bees follow you, as well as making the flowers shake faster. There is also a beige snail that can be found here who teleports you to Snail Palace upon interaction.

    One can also find a purple cottage in the area. Inside is a cozy room with an elderly woman walking around. Also in the room is a dining table, a large TV that can be turned on and off, and an oven.

    There is a 1-in-4 chance that the oven will be open upon entering the cottage. Totsutsuki can jump inside, which will play a short cutscene of her surrounded by gingerbread men. She will then be inside the oven, where she must reach the end of a small path. There are burnt gingerbread men in this area that will chase her down, sending her back to the beginning if she is caught. Reaching the end of the path will bring you to a huge burner. During this event, opening menu does not work-which means Totsutsuki guides through the end without any effects equipped. Interacting with it a couple of times will cause an alarm to go off in the cottage while elderly woman has a horrified expression on her face. The screen will then cut to black before showing Totsutsuki and the woman sitting at the table together. It will then show that Totsutsuki's cookie was burnt, as a teardrop (presumably Totsutsuki's) falls from above.


    Totsutsuki's Nexus → Balloon FestivalFast Food WorldShoe Rack → Mutant Sunflower World


    • In version 0.07, when the world was introduced, it was the deepest world in the game, with a depth of 7. In 0.08, Fast Food World was moved to Balloon Festival, placing this world shallower as a result.
    • The Grandma is immune to the Lily of the Valley effect.