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    Darling, it's better down where it's wetter, take it from me.
    Basic Info
    Effects EffectMermaid

    Wallpaper #47

    Events None
    Notable NPCs Esmeralda, Ghost Mermaid
    Connecting Areas

    Pastel Labyrinth
    Sand Tile Maze
    Water Palace

    Removed Connections

    Red Forest NoEntry

    BGM Nexus-bgm006
    Nexus-bgm020a (Mermaid Mansion)
    Nexus-bgm020 (Mermaid Effect Room)
    Map ID 0131, 0136
    Version Added 0.05
    Author Rurima
    Extras +
    YNOproject Badges
    Seriri.gif Seriri.png Singing Mermaid of the Sea
    UnderwaterBalcony(badgeUD).png Underwater Wonders

    The Sea is an underwater world accessible from the Sand Tile Maze.

    Map of Sea


    This world is home to many stone pillars and bright coral scattered around the area. A cluster of stones can be found resembling the Uneven Dream logo. A girl with a tiara named Esmeralda can be found walking around, who starts glowing when the UV Light effect is equipped. Interacting with her will take you to the Pastel Labyrinth. There are also a set of tiles on the ground in the shape of a crescent moon and a star, where a floating crystal resides. Interacting with the crystal will teleport you to the Mermaid Mansion.

    Mermaid Mansion

    Map of Mermaid Mansion

    This regal area is comprised of a large number of rooms to explore, furnished with bookshelves, couches, and vases. The area initially starts off as a path outside of the mansion that leads to the mansion's foyer, decorated with a large carpet. The mansion splits into three areas from here: a small dining area through the left door, the basement through the right door, and a stairway to the mansion's second floor.

    Mansion Basement

    The mansion's basement contains many bookshelves, crates, and pottery that are scattered about. Many of the rooms here do not contain anything notable, simply having furniture or crates. Upon entering the basement through the mansion foyer's eastern door, the player can head right, down, take the first right, down, and finally left to enter a deeper part of the basement. Within the basement's deeper section, there is a set of stairs followed by several bookshelves and a long hallway that leads to a balcony overlooking a dark, underwater city.

    Second Floor

    The mansion's second floor contains many bedrooms, although most do not have anything notable. Upon going up the stairs, the player can either go left or right to head further into the mansion. Heading right simply leads to a dead-end hallway with some bedrooms, although to the left is a curved hallway with a set of doors leading to a library. Going past this pair of doors reveals another staircase leading to the mansion's third floor.

    Third Floor

    The third floor initially starts as a short hallway in which the player must progress eastward. Continue all the way to the right past the short staircase will lead to a small room that contains a balcony placed right above the mansion's entrance. Going up the stairs instead and heading westward will lead to a curved hallway containing two entrances that lead to a large but empty library. Heading past the library by going right and entering the double doors will lead to a long hallway to the last room of the mansion, which contains a bed and three windows illuminating the room with an eerie purple light. By equipping the UV Light effect here, a ghostly mermaid will appear that gives the Mermaid effect upon interaction.


    Totsutsuki's Nexus → Broken WorldSprout DesertSand Tile Maze → Sea


    • In older versions of the game, the main area used to have a darker background.
    • This world used to be accessed from the Red Forest until that world was removed in v0.08 following 001247's content removal.