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Uneven Dream:Minor Characters

Uneven Dream has many different characters scattered throughout both of the protagonists' dreams. This page is for detailing the more significant ones. Every character listed here has some sort of importance, whether it be giving an effect, unlocking a wallpaper, triggering an event, or simply having an interesting reaction to an effect. Note that some of these names are non-canonical.

This list contains minor characters up to version 0.07 and may be outdated whenever the game updates.

Kubotsuki's effect NPCs

These are the characters present in Kubotsuki's dream world that give him effects.

Dark Matter Blob

An amorphous blue blob floating over one of the platforms in the Toxic Waste Plant. It gives Kubotsuki the Dark Matter effect.


A red-eyed turtle with an eye on its shell found near a pond in the All-Seeing Forest. It gives Kubotsuki the Turtle effect.

The Seer

A giantic humanoid figure with a glowing head and their hands clasped together in prayer, found in the White Spikes World. Interacting with The Seer will give Kubotsuki the Seer effect.


A fleshy creature with several eyes and a mouth which can be found directly at the north of the entrance to the Teratoma World. Interacting with it gives Kubotsuki the Mouth effect and removes the crerature's mouth.

Totsutsuki's effect NPCs

These are the characters present in Totsutsuki's dream world that give her effects.

Nightcap Crab

A hermit crab with a nightcap for a shell found in the Sky Path section of Star Field. It gives Totsutsuki the Nightcap effect.

Sunflower Fairy

A large mutant sunflower with butterfly wings sitting at a table inside of the large blue tree in the Red Forest. It gives Totsutsuki the Butterfly effect.

Ghost Mermaid

An invisible NPC found at the deepest room of the mansion in the Sea, she can only be seen and interacted with by using the UV Light. She gives Totsutsuki the Mermaid effect.


A red-haired girl sitting on a bed in the Subconscious Garden. She gives Totsutsuki the Sidetail effect.

Doodle Totsutsuki

A scribbled, static version of Totsutsuki found in the Doodle World. She gives Totsutsuki the Origami effect.

Kubotsuki's NPCs

These are regular NPCs present in Kubotsuki's dream world, they don't give any effects but still have some sort of relevance in the form of special interactions or being key to unlock some of the game's collectibles. These are sorted by game authors:


Npc-roofperson2.png Hourou-ojisan

An NPC found sitting on a roof in the Winter Village, serving as the connection to Starlit Road. Their appearance will change depending on which effect is currently equipped.

Npc-peeper2.png Peeper

Small bird creatures found in a room in the Winter Village. Seeing them unlocks wallpaper #11.

UDTheSaint.png The Saint

A man with messy orange hair who can be found praying in one of the rooms in the Ice Chapel, getting too close to him triggers an event that unlocks wallpaper #25.

Npc-triste2.png Triste

A crying ghost found mourning by a grave in the All-Seeing Forest that cannot be interacted with. It is unknown who they are mourning over.


Odd cyclops creatures that dance around a giant hole in the All-Seeing Forest. Getting near the DUDES with the Turtle effect equipped will cause them to get angry and throw Kubotsuki down the hole, ultimately leading to their complex.


UDHambie.png Hambie

A stationary pink blob with limbs wearing a propeller hat who can be seen in a room in the Playing Card Maze, he generally just dances ignoring Kubotsuki, but if attacked with the Pencil effect he will laugh and deactivate the effect.

In version 0.07, he was also introduced in one of the houses in Duck World, one of Totsutsuki's dream worlds, where he has the same behavior, making him the first (and currently only) NPC to show in both characters' dream worlds.

UDPuppetMaster.png Puppeteers

Hooded figures with bloodied faces who vaguely resemble Kubotsuki, they control the puppets dancing at the lower half of the Puppet Theater. They generally ignore Kubotsuki but will react angrily if he tries to attack them with the Pencil effect, deactivating the effect.

UDEvilSeer.png Anti-Seer

A bigger version of the Puppeteers who can be seen at the deepest part of the Puppet Theater. He is only visible with the Seer effect and interacting with him triggers the Anti-Seer's Awakening event.


ElBebeSprite.png El Bebe

El Bebe is a huge, three-eyed baby located in the underground room in the Toxic Waste Plant. There is a green fluid dripping from one of his eyes. Interacting with him triggers the El Bebe event.


Npc-starwyrms2.png Star Wyrms

Neon dragon-like creatures inhabiting the Twilight Garden. They make noises when interacted with.

Npc-bisectedworm.png Bisected Worm

A large cut-up worm revealing differently-colored tubes inside its body. Found in a room in the Clash of Mutated Forms.

Question Mark

Npc-holebun2.png Holebun

A bizarre rabbit-like creature that wanders around the Sandy Showroom. Interacting with it will cause it to open its mouth, letting Kubotsuki enter its intestines.

Npc-mime2.png The Mime

A pale humanoid creature with a pink pajama-looking clothing found in the hole in the Butterfly Forest, serving as the connection to Metal Mounds. The Mime can also be found in two different places in the Metal Mounds, both causing two different full-screen events.

Interacting with the Mime in the upper-right room will cause them to open their eyes and fade away. Interacting with the Mime in the bottom-right room will make them suddenly open their eyes with a threatening expression, causing the screen to glitch out before fading away. Viewing both of these events unlocks wallpaper #6.

Multiple glitchy, inverted Mimes can be found scattered throughout Clownpieces that vanish when interacted with.

UDTree.png Flesh Trees

A trio of black trees with mouths whose branches are covered with flesh growths, they make strange noises and display a text box with strange symbols when interacted with, they stand on a somewhat big platform in the Metal Mounds.

There's a 1/7 chance (defined upon interaction) that, when interacting with them, instead of a series of strange symbols, the text box will display "1234567890" as the background shift colors and moves rapidly and loud white noise plays, seeing this interaction unlocks wallpaper #4.

Npc-clownheads.png Clown Heads

Wriggling, disembodied clown heads that float around throughout Clownpieces. They laugh when interacted with.

UDUpsideDown.png Upside Down Creature

A humanoid figure with a mask and strange clothing who temporarily replaces Kubotsuki during the Upside-Down event, he can also be seen wandering around the Upside-Down subarea, where interacting with him will cause him to jump and bark a couple of times.

Mr. Miserable

Monochrome round creatures who can be found in a looping room in Grayscale Gardenscape, there's a 1/2 chance (defined by entering their room) to find two of them sitting on a bench in the room or to find one of them running around with a distressed expression.

Npc-ram2.png Ram

Randomly found on a balcony in Grayscale Gardenscape. Sometimes can be found holding a drink. Interacting with them while they're holding the drink will make them sip and then gargle it like mouthwash.


UDStarlight.png Starlight Girl

A melanocholic looking girl with sparkling violet hair sitting on a bench in a hidden section of the Starlit Road, she is only visible with the Seer effect.

Totsutsuki's NPCs

These are the regular characters present in Totsutsuki's dream world. Despite not giving her any effects they still are relevant due to either having special interactions or unlocking collectibles. These are sorted by authors.


Npc-fishermanandgreenlady2.png Fisherman and Green Lady

Two lone inhabitants sitting idly on the edges of the Red Forest, both wearing wide-brimmed hats. If the fisherman has been killed with the Lily of the Valley effect, the Green Lady will mourn his death, using the UV Light near the spot where the Fisherman was after killing him will reveal a ghost similar to the ones wandering in the Dream Palace.

Npc-hornedspirit2.png Horned Spirit

An orange demon that occasionally appears in the knothole of the large blue tree in the Red Forest. Attacking the Sunflower Fairy will cause the Horned Spirit to turn blue and have an angry expression on its face.


Npc-dojomonks2.png Monks and Dojo Master

The monks peacefully wander around the dojo found in Sky Islands. Attacking any of them with the Lily of The Valley effect will turn them into Chasers and cause the lights to dim in the dojo. Getting caught by one of them is important in unlocking wallpaper #13.

The Dojo Master can be found in the room in the middle of the dojo. Interacting with them will display a full-screen image of their face.

Pc-wallpaper-008.png The Angel With Gold and Silver Wings

An enormous skeleton with wings and a fancy dress found in Purple Town. She holds two orbs, the white orb connects to Doodle World and the yellow orb connects to Sky Islands. Seeing this NPC unlocks wallpaper #8.


UDSquiggle.png Squiggles

Round, pastel-colored bunny-like creatures with happy expressions who wander around multiple worlds, most notably the Kaomoji Mall and Pastel Labyrinth. They let a squeak when interacted with and can be killed normally with the Lily of the Valley effect.

UDEsmeralda.png Esmeralda

A dark haired girl with a light blue dress and a tiara who can be seen wandering around the Sea and Pastel Labyrinth, if the UV Light effect is equipped near her she will start glowing and if she's attacked with the Lily of the Valley she will deactivate the effect. She serves as a connection between both worlds.

UDBumblebee.png Bumblebees

The humanoid bees residing in the Bumblebee Lounge in its normal state. They follow Totsutsuki along if she equips the Sunflower effect and run away from her if she equips the Lily of the Valley effect.


Npc-dockgirl2.png Dock Girls

Strange, red-faced NPCs that can be found quickly running around the docks in Tanunjon. It is not possible to interact with them.

Npc-tnef2.png TNEF Workers

Futuristically dressed NPCs that wander around the TNEF Building in Tanunjon. Could be related/connected to the Dock Girls somehow.


UDToys.png Toy Mascots

A set of five toy-like entities present in the open section of the Fast Food World. Finding and collecting all five of them is required to unlock the Shoe Rack entrance.

UDGrandma.png Grandma

An old lady who resides in the house at Mutant Sunflower World, she doesn't react to any effect (including the Lily of the Valley), however in the rare chance that upon entering her house the oven is open and Totsutsuki jumps inside, she will react in horror, triggering the Burnt Cookies event.


Npc-hearls2.png Hearl and Mini-Hearl

The stickfigure-like inhabitants of Broken World. Interacting with them will cause them to smile at Totsutsuki.

Question Mark

UDShopkeepers.png Shopkeepers

The two NPCs attending the stores in the Neon Village. The pink one sells pastries that increase Totsutsuki's HP by 1 for 100 each, the black one sells strange vegetables with eyes and mouths on them which increase Totsutsuki's HP by 1, also by 100 each.

UDBlockGirl.png Block Girl

An orange smiling cube with twintails sitting on a tall platform in the Neon Village. Interacting with her with the Music Box effect active will make her play a song with Totsutsuki's music box head, after which she jumps and leaves.

UDQuare.png Quare

A lone blue-skinned cyborg or android standing on an outdoors area in the Grassy Pipes fidgetting with a white object, interacting with them, regardless of effect, shows a full screen close up of their face as they stare at Totsutsuki, seemingly confused.

Quare's full screen event

UDMoonDenizen.png Moon Residents

The standard residents of the Astral Ruins, they communicate in speech bubbles with strange symbols in them. If the Star effect is equipped they will get excited and follow Totsutsuki around while spinning, on the other hand they will panic and run away from her if the Lily of the Valley effect is equipped.

UDSunLord.png Sun Lord

A Sun-shaped resident of the Astral Ruins sitting on a throne in the deepest room of the area, being fanned by two regular Moon Residents. He reacts to multiple effects, staring at Totsutsuki with indifference with the Sunflower effect equipped and laughing at her if she equips the Nightcap effect.

Trying to kill him with the Lily of the Valley will make him grab Totsutsuki and pluck her head out, waking her up. He is the first NPC implemented in the game to retailate when attacked.


UDAnesi.png Anesi

A small pink-haired girl wearing a white gown in the Plant Laboratory. She will follow Totsutsuki around and jump on interaction if the Sunflower effect is equipped. Attempting to attack her with the Lily of the Valley effect will result in her unequipping Totsutsuki's effect.

She was the first NPC implemented in the game to disable the player's weapon effect on interaction.

Npc-malice2.png Malice

A young girl with pigtails found in Star Field. She reacts to several effects. Attempting to attack her with the Lily of the Valley effect with result in her unequipping Totsutsuki's effect. Equipping the Sunflower effect will cause her to get excited and follow Totsutsuki around, jumping when interacted with. The UV Light effect will cause her color scheme to invert as she runs around frantically with her eyes glowing.

Npc-trixie2.png Trixie

A girl in a maid outfit who walks around in her house in Galleta World. She will smile if the Nightcap effect is equipped, follow Totsutsuki if the Butterfly effect is equipped and follow her faster if the Sidetail effect is equipped. Attempting to attack her with the Lily of the Valley effect will result in her unequipping Totsutsuki's effect.

Turning the light in her room on and off enough times can trigger the Trixboa event.


These are hostile NPCs that actively chase the protagonists trying to trap them in enclosed areas.

UDHooded.png Hoodie Men

A chaser variant present in multiple areas of Kubotsuki's dream world, including the Surreal Park, Neon City and Floating Lamp World. They are tall men in jeans and a red hoodie obscuring their facial features who walk around with their hands in their pockets in their (currently unused) passive form, their skin turns black, they grow a big green eye in their faces and have an exaggerated running animation in their active form. Getting caught by one of them is important to unlock wallpaper #15.

UDCheese.png Cheese Monsters

A chaser variant present in the Cheese Chase event of the Congregation Island. Successfully evading them will return Kubotsuki to the main area of that world and let him claim a reward.

UDCorruptedMonk.png Corrupted Monks

The active chaser form of the monks in the Dojo, they take a skinnier appearance, their face is replaced by a huge mouth, they have a singular eye on the back of their heads and they are surrounded by a fiery blue aura.

UDWasp.png Angry Wasps

The chasers present in the Bumblebee Lounge if Totsutsuki interacted with the control panel at the end of the lab area.

UDCookie.png Burnt Cookies

The cookies present in the first segment of the Oven during the Burnt Cookies event at Mutant Sunflower World. Unlike most chasers they won't trap Totsutsuki in an enclosed area and instead they will just teleport her back to the beginning of the path, if she gets caught three times in a row she will be returned to Grandma's House and the oven will be closed.


  • The Hoodie Men chasers used to be Centipede Woman monsters in earlier versions of the game, these dessigns were a placeholder taken from a free-to-use asset compilation, their dessign was replaced in version 0.05.
  • There was a pitch black variant of the Hearl NPCs who played a significant role in the earliest versions of the game, being present in Totsutsuki's intro segment, the old event that unlocked the Fast Foward effect in the Apartments and an iteration of the Kuboa event. Since all these areas and events have been removed from the game as of version 0.03, the Shadow Hearls are currently unused despite their early-game significance.