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    Yume Nikki:KyuuKyuu-kun

    Basic Info
    Role None
    Collectibles None
    Events None

    Number World: Stairway

    Size Large
    Killable? No
    The tile that must be stabbed to gain access to the stairway.

    KyuuKyuu-kun (キュッキュ君, キュッキュくん, Kyukkyu-kun, named after the Japanese onomatopoeia of the rubbing noise, exact spelling varies) is a decorative character that can be found in the Stairway area of Number World.


    KyuuKyuu-kun is a tall, colorful, worm-like creature who has two black eyes with red strabismic pupils. It wears a constant smile and rubs the railing of the nearby stairway with a single arm. They can be accessed after stabbing an unhappy-looking Zippertile that has a chance to appear in Number World. This method of entering the Stairway and the fact that the FACE event occurs when progressing further creates a certain discord with Kyuukyuu-kun being a smiling character.

    Depending on what effect is equipped, KyuuKyuu-kun may react by changing their rubbing speed. When the Cat effect is equipped, their rubbing will slow down. When the Knife effect is equipped, their rubbing will speed up, similar to how other NPCs flee or move around frantically when the same effect is simply equipped near them. They can also be stopped completely by using the Spotlight effect.


    • According to a thumbs.db file in version 0.08, KyuuKyuu was originally green or at least had a green variant.


    KyuuKyuu-kun's strange disposition has led to much speculation about it. Most fans consider KyuuKyuu-kun to be phallic imagery due to its shape, and the fact a zipper must be opened in order to see them (which can be interpreted as a pants fly). Their constant rubbing, creepy smile, and location near the horrifying FACE event has lead to heavy speculation involving the possibility of a traumatic event that Madotsuki underwent.