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Yume Nikki:Mouth Monsters

Mouth Monsters
NPC Info
Role Give the Long Hair, Blonde Hair, and Poop Hair effects
Location Mural World
Underground World
Size Small
Killable? Yes

The Mouth Monsters are a group of three effect NPCs that appear in Mural World and Underground World. They all give different hair-related effects when interacted with.


The Poop Hair Mouth Monster as seen in the manga.

The Mouth Monsters, as their name states, have large mouths that take up a large amount of their body, which overall resembles a severed head. They have red lips with square-ish and gapped teeth, and their bodies are a dark brown color. They sport a head of hair that matches the effect they give: one has brown hair, one has blonde hair, and one has its hair done to resemble a pile of poop.

Two Mouth Monsters inhabit Mural World, giving the Long Hair and Blonde Hair effects. The last Mouth Monster inhabits Underground World, though a blazing fire blocks the path. After being extinguished using the Umbrella or Yuki-onna effects, the final Mouth Monster grants the Poop Hair effect. Unlike the other Mouth Monsters, the Poop Hair variant will always move towards Madotsuki.

Curiously, each Mouth Monster is found wandering near a blood splatter on the ground, similar to the one seen in Eyeball World. This can help the player locate them.


  • It is possible that the Mouth Monsters are based on the Futakuchi-onna, a yōkai that initially appears to be a normal woman, but is revealed to have a mouth in the back of her head that emerges from her hair.
    • They could also be based on the Keukegen yōkai, a small creature covered entirely in thick hair that prefers to live in dark, damp areas.
  • In older versions of Mural World, all three Mouth Monsters were found in the area due to Underground World not yet being in the game, making it the only area to house more than two effects other than the Debug Room.