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Yume Nikki:Eyeball World

Eyeball World
YN Eyeball World.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Eyeball Arm



Events None
Notable NPCs Body Parts, Medamaude, Pier Monsters, Severed Blue Head
Connecting Areas

Footprint Path

Removed Connections

Mini Hell

BGM かおがいっぱい~目玉の世界~
Map ID 0017
Map Type Large, Looping
Version Added 0.00
Map of Eyeball World

Eyeball World is one of the twelve original locations accessible directly from the Nexus.


It is a large, openly looping, and disturbing place - filled with lots of violent and gory imagery. There are eyeballs and severed heads strewn all about, disembodied legs hopping across the floor, and twitching arms that grasp the air. The music also features an unsettling synth over strange sound effects. The scrolling background is one of the many examples of Andean (likely Paracas) imagery in the game.

The Medamaude effect is received here, by interacting with the Medamaude - an arm with an eye on its palm. The eyeballs on the floor can be stabbed with the Knife effect. The irises turn green and they bleed, and this is undone when the Knife effect is put away. This can be used to mark certain locations to avoid getting lost. Near the center of the map is a head with a gaping jaw that sends the player to the Footprint Path A when entered.

In addition to the plucked-out eyeballs, there are 'living' eyeballs and lips that can be seen, making up faces on the floor. Interacting with the lips makes a kissing noise. The eyes move vertically when the Knife effect is held. The various body parts are NPCs, and as such, they scream when stabbed and have the possibility of dropping yen. The white and indigo severed heads are decorative characters known as Pier Monsters.


Nexus → Eyeball World


  • In versions 0.04 and 0.06:
    • The map was connected to Mini Hell instead of the Footprint Path, via a gate.
    • Fewer body parts were strewn about the map, with the jumping legs being absent.
  • The map in version 0.09 was almost the same as in 0.10, but the arrangement of the eyeballs on the right side of the map was still the same as in older versions.