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    YN Sewers.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Red Room (Big Red)

    Effects EffectNopperabou
    Events Sewer Drawings
    Notable NPCs Pirori, Pain Blob, Nopperabou Ghost, Submarine Fish, Alley Demon, Big Red
    Connecting Areas

    Mural World
    Windmill World NoReturn➡️
    Docks A Midget

    Removed Connections

    Mall NoReturn➡️

    BGM じめじめしてるところ
    Map ID 0070 (Entrance)
    0071 (City Gutter)
    0072 (Processing Plant)
    0073 (Sewer Tunnel)
    0074 (Docks Staircase)
    0075 (Nopperabou Pool)
    0081 (Big Red)
    Map Type Medium, Non-looping, Multiple maps
    Version Added 0.02
    Extras +
    YNOproject Badges
    SewerFish(badgeYN).png Submerged

    The Sewers is a deeper location accessible through a manhole in Mural World. It consists of a series of dark tunnels and dirty rooms which are home to a variety of characters.

    Map of The Sewers


    The Sewers largely consist of dirty, green tunnels with a dark atmosphere. A moat of dark sewer water flows alongside the tunnel's walkways, occasionally having a platform to cross over it. Pipes cover the walls alongside sinks, trays, and baskets crowding some of the deeper rooms. One room appears to have nearby structures that resemble city buildings. The music that plays here is a slowed version of the soundtrack for the Dense Woods A.

    When the Sewers are initially entered from Mural World, a ladder will connect the two worlds. Heading right from the ladder will lead to the Pain Blob, which blocks the path. Heading left will lead to a room with city-like buildings blocking the northern side as Pirori swim through the sewer water. A small piece of graffiti art can also be seen on one of the walls, resembling a pink symbol, a pair of eyes, and a UFO.

    Continuing left will lead to the Sewers' processing plant areas, which are more decorative and have more objects within them. Platforms bridge the Sewers' sections separated by the moat. Heading left of the first processing plant room will lead to a room with a large pool of water which will either have an underwater shadow, a Pirori, or the Submarine Fish. The Nopperabou Ghost can also be found in this room, which will give the Nopperabou effect upon first interaction. Two of the Sewer Drawings can also be seen in this room.

    Heading through the northern doorway in the first processing plant room will lead to a long tunnel with the Alley Demon watching from across the sewer water. Five of the Sewer Drawings can be seen in this tunnel. Continuing all the way to the right will lead to the room with Big Red, which has a drastically different black background and red ground. Continuing forward will cause Big Red to eat Madotsuki, leading to Windmill World.

    Through the tunnel before Big Red is a small gap that can only be accessed by using the Midget effect. Going through the gap will lead to another tunnel that has two Sewer Drawings and a staircase leading to the Docks A.

    Sewer Drawings

    In certain rooms of the Sewers, there are black window-like holes in the walls. You can peer into them by interacting with the holes, which will make a strange and disturbing drawing appear, expanding in size before fading out. Each of the nine holes shows a different image. The images are shown below:

    It's possible that Madotsuki herself might have drawn these pictures prior to the events of the game, and may offer an insight into her psychology.


    NexusMural World → Sewers


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    Medium +, Non-looping +  and Multiple maps +
    下水道美術館 +
    70 (Entrance) +, 71 (City Gutter) +, 72 (Processing Plant) +, 73 (Sewer Tunnel) +, 74 (Docks Staircase) +, 75 (Nopperabou Pool) +  and 81 (Big Red) +