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Yume 2kki:Abandoned Dreadnought

Abandoned Dreadnought
Abandoned dreadnought.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Tentai Kansokusho
Astronomical Observatory




WP #311

Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Decrepit Dwellings
Chainlink Lees

BGM Lem_Heart (Entrance) (No. 440)
n3-FiT (Corridors) (No. 169E)
moseni_luna (Observatory Room) (No. 115C)
2_31 (Distorted Area) (No. 226A)
factoria (Exit Path) (No. 310B)
Map ID 0959
Version Added 0.111d
Last Updated 0.118c patch 5
Primary Author Río
Contributing Author(s) shigurin

The Abandoned Dreadnought is an area accessible upon sleeping in the bed in Decrepit Dwellings.

Map of the Abandoned Dreadnought


The Abandoned Dreadnought, which appears to be the interior of a space vehicle, is a large, mechanical complex, where there are displays on the wall that show scrolling triangular waves, as well as exhaust pipes covering the view of the area.

You end up here upon waking up from the Decrepit Dwellings, with the beeps of an ECG system at work. Exiting the room that you wake up from is a set of branching corridors, where an exhaust's sound fills the place. This sound gets louder as you make it to the next destination, a small, dim corridor without sound, which leads to the observatory room, where there is a set of packages, before a large telescope and a view of outer space. Climbing the ladder from here, there is a vending machine, and a path leading to the deeper parts of the ship, which now takes on an abstract, yet distorted appearance with ladders and bridges connecting each section. From here, the area branches into two paths, converging in a room with a bridge spanning a window to outer space. Entering the door on the opposite side of the bridge leads to a path to the exit, which can be found at the end of a long ladder, where there is a large gear above the door to Chainlink Lees.


After visiting the Silent Sewers at least once: