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    Yume 2kki:Astral World

    Astral World
    Astral World.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Reflected Clouds

    Effects EffectNone

    WP #356

    Events None
    Notable NPCs Scissor Monster
    Connecting Areas

    Forest World
    Obentou World
    Frozen Glade
    Candlestick World

    BGM octave_03 (No. 513)
    2_27 (Nightshade Corridor) (No. 224B)
    Map ID 1427, 1434
    Version Added 0.116c
    Last Updated 0.123e
    Primary Author Towihanu
    Contributing Author(s) octave

    Astral World is an area accessible from Forest World, after pulling the pink curtains.

    Map of Astral World


    Astral World is a calm and serene landscape, its palette mostly consisting of cold colors like dark blue and purple. Clouds and stars can be found here, as well as what appears to be fences that are made out of glass.

    Directly east or west of the entrance, one can find and interact with a pink Teleport Rune to enter Candlestick World. Southwest of the entrance is a large spiky cloud with a doorway, west of the Nightshade Corridor entrance and above the section with glowing pink and blue dots. Entering this cloud will bring you to Frozen Glade. To the immediate right, a large cloud turns into a bunny shape when the Bunny Ears effect is equipped.

    Slightly northeast of the entrance is another large cloud that has a doorway like shadow to it. Interacting with this brings you to the Nightshade Corridor.

    Nightshade Corridor

    The Nightshade Corridor is a dark place that is ill-lit by light coming through the windows, which can be brightened up by using the Lantern effect. Traveling either way reveals that the area is actually dotted with objects that resemble gyoza dumplings. These can appear in six different shades of color and move quickly when mashing Z. After traveling in either direction until you are in a room with an orange and red dumpling with a beige bottom lining, turning the opposite way will reveal the Teleport Rune leading to Obentou World. The Lantern effect is not needed in order to reach this area.

    Alternatively, walking into the empty room to the right of the entrance and then sliding to the right using the Penguin effect will also reveal the portal to Obentou World. If returning to Astral World from Obentou World, you will need to slide through the darkness past the empty room. Sliding to the right after seeing a dumpling will also reveal the Teleport Rune, and sliding to the left after seeing a dumpling will return you to the Astral World entrance. The trigger for the slide to work seems to be in the middle of the darkness, meaning that only one slide is necessary if the edge of a lit area is at the edge of your screen. The screen will briefly flash if the slide does not work.

    In some areas, you can use the Spring effect to walk on the upper windowsills. While up here, the room will be brighter and you can see through the darkness a bit easier.

    When belly-sliding to the left of the entrance and past an empty room, or to the right of the Obentou World portal and past an empty room, you will find a giant, bow-legged creature with green skin, red marks on its legs, a huge pair of pincers, a long, tapered tongue, and a red eye (referred to as such in the RPGmaker editor), called the Scissor Monster. It will flick its tongue upon entering or leaving its territory. This creature reacts to several effects:

    • The Lantern effect will cause it to flash its eye, forcing Urotsuki to unequip it.
    • Chainsawing its legs will make it open the eye, but will not kill it.
    • Ringing the Telephone effect or equipping the Eyeball Bomb will make it periodically flash its eye.
    • The Marginal effect will make its pincers move.
    • Usage of the Child, Bug, or Fairy effect will make its tongue flick. If any of these effects are used, the movement will pause.



    • While this world has been implemented by octave, it has actually been created by Towihanu, as the former has implemented it in advance on behalf of the latter.
    • The characters in Nightshade Corridor's Japanese name, 暁座, mean "Gyoza", when made into Onyomi, alluding to the floating dumplings found there.
    • The Scissors Monster in Nightshade Corridor was initially left undiscovered, at least by international players, until it was accidentally found within the RPGmaker editor on July 2022, well over a year after its initial implementation. It was originally believed to be unused, but was later found to be accessible in-game on YNOproject nearly a week following the discovery, after a few players used the Penguin effect to reach.
    • A duplicate of Nightshade Corridor's map used to exist within 2i9's map folder in the game's map tree under ID #1529 prior to the implementation of Parking Garage. This was most likely an error.