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    Yume 2kki:Teleport Rune


    Teleport Runes are a type of common connection found in the dream world. They are typically isometric objects that resemble the rune Othala (ᛟ) with a circle in the center. They come in many variations, ranging from solid colors to special designs based on the world they connect to.

    When using the payphones in the Parking Garage, there is a chance Urotsuki will turn into a Teleport Rune. If the Dream Wardrobe area in Urotsuki's Dream Apartments is entered in this state, several transparent Teleport Runes will be seen sitting on wardrobes southeast of the entrance. Opening a wardrobe will change your current color respective to the color of the rune on top, with the seven available colors being yellow, dark green, purple, pink, smoke-colored, gray, and white. This form is also available as a wearable mask, but will not lead to the aforementioned interaction when equipped.

    Several similar teleporters can be found throughout the dream world, most commonly in Nefarious Chessboard. They function the same as all other Teleport Runes, in that they transport Urotsuki to a different location, although they do not have the same Othala shape. In Nefarious Chessboard, there are four runes which resemble a nameless rune (ᛤ), an X or the rune Gyfu (ᚷ), the rune Algiz (ᛉ), and a unique rune resembling a mix of a Y and O with a red core. Additionally, another uniquely-shaped rune can be found in Mirrored Pathways, which resembles two right-pointing angles (»).

    Rune Types

    Solid Colors

    These runes are one solid color and have the normal Othala shape.

    Image Color Location(s)
    2kki hospital intestines maze portal.png Pink
    Crimson labyrinth exit.png Orange
    Pollutiondistrict9.png Brown
    Clubhouse Yard 1.png Yellow
    Alazan domain face forest.png Green

    Additionally, green Teleport Runes used to be located in Blueberry Farm and Blue Eyes World if text events were disabled, however, the former was later removed and the latter was changed to a pale blue rune.

    The pansy path portal.png Dark Green
    Glowing stars world entrance.png Light Green
    Subterranean research center portal.png Blue
    Heart Maze to meadow.png Purple
    Entropydungeon.png Dark Purple
    Apartments Docks Rune.png Smoke-colored
    2kki mushroom world beach house portal.png Gray
    Miso rune to throne.png White

    Color Variants

    These runes sport multiple colors, a pattern, or an appearance that differentiates them from the solid-colored runes, but they still sport the same Othala shape.

    Image Type Location(s)
    Dessert fields subarea rune.png Chocolate-topped
    MGW Color Cubes Rune.gif Color Changing
    CeramicHalls RuneWarp.png Gradient
    Vmw rune.png Monochrome
    NeriumSynth.png Neon
    Haribote Landscape 5.png Papier-mâché
    PD2.png Starry
    Torii Trail to BSV.png Static
    Amoeba Woods to hall.png Vine-covered

    Shape Variants

    These runes have a special appearance depicting them in a different style or they do not have the typical Othala shape. However, they still resemble normal Teleport Runes.

    Image Type Location(s)
    GB5.png 8-bit
    NefChess AlgizRune.png Algiz (ᛉ)
    Mirrored Pathways Rune.png Arrow (»)
    Toy Desert 4.png Damaged
    EldritchLight4.png Eldritch
    PD3.png Floating
    Fish world obentou rune.png Fish-shaped
    NefChess Towers.png Gyfu (ᚷ)
    Topdown Chessboard.png Nameless Rune (ᛤ)
    Topdown Dungeon sub3.png SFC
    NefChess EventRune.png Unknown Rune


    • The Teleport Rune shape is referenced in several other worlds, albeit they can not be interacted with as warps. These include:
    • Gray Teleport Runes are the most common type of rune, appearing in nine different worlds.