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Yume 2kki:Teleport Rune

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Teleport Runes are a type of common connection found in the dream world. They are typically isometric objects that resemble the rune Othala (ᛟ) with a circle in the center. They come in many variations, ranging from solid colors to special designs based on the world they connect to.

When using the payphones in the Parking Garage, there is a chance Urotsuki will turn into a teleport rune. If the Dream Wardrobe area in Urotsuki's Dream Apartments is entered in this state, several transparent Teleport Runes will be seen sitting on wardrobes southeast of the entrance. Opening a wardrobe will change your current color respective to the color of the rune on top. This form is also available as a wearable mask, but will not lead to the aforementioned interaction when equipped.

Two similar teleporters can be found in Nefarious Chessboard and connecting areas. These don't have the same Othala shape, but instead resemble an X or the rune Gyfu (ᚷ) and a nameless rune (ᛤ) respectively.