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    Yume 2kki:Basement of Oddities

    Basement of Oddities
    Basement of Oddities.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Staged House

    Effects EffectNone

    WP #540

    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Portrait Purgatory
    Crystal Star Tower Unlock🔑

    BGM 2i9_mus_foley (No. 667)
    Map ID 1526
    Version Added 0.120f
    Last Updated 0.120h
    Author 2i9
    Map of Basement of Oddities

    The Basement of Oddities is an area accessible from Portrait Purgatory.


    The Basement of Oddities is a large maze-like indoors area, consisting of many doors, long hallways, and staircases on a dark background. It strongly resembles the FC Basement from the original Yume Nikki.

    Upon entering this world from Portrait Purgatory, you start off in a grungy living room, with a tattered window, a table, and three pillows on the floor. As you navigate through the basement, sentient severed bodies, legs, and heads can be seen roaming around. These severed body parts squirt blood when interacted with, and drop money when killed with the chainsaw. Assorted other items appear throughout the basement: various pieces of dingy furniture, a pair of traffic pylons, abstract framed pictures, odd potted plants, a pile of garbage bags, a small wooden coop, and an illegible sign in front of two construction blocks.

    One door, next to a triangular fork in one path, leads to a room with a large potted plant and a red, toy-like horse that constantly bobs its head, which extends from a hole in its body. The horse reacts in various relevant ways to different effects: the chainsaw causes it to retreat its neck into the hole and tremble its head nervously, Stretch causes its neck to extend, Child causes it to retreat its neck into the hole and nod rapidly, and Crossing causes it to stop and start moving.

    A path adjacent to a small circle of stairs leads to an area with a giant maneki-neko that occasionally blinks and has a cartoonish pair of eyes on the koban coin, a garden hose, a swimming pool, a rack with two shirts hanging from it, and a potted plant. Using the chainsaw on the maneki-neko triggers the standard blood animation, scream, and can payout some money, but otherwise does nothing.

    Eventually, after entering several doors, you will arrive in a room with a red polygonal creature lying on the ground, with a black appendage hanging from its mouth. In the room past this one is a colorful door blocked off by a barrier. Back in the red creature's room, there is a hidden path to the right of the screen. By following this winding path, you will reach an entrance to Crystal Star Tower. Entering also unblocks the previously mentioned rainbow door.



    • Prior to version 0.120f, the triangular fork did not exist, while the door next to it, instead of leading to the room with the horse, led to a nondescript room with two flights of stairs and a door leading to an area near the wooden coop.
    • Prior to version 0.120h, the path to Crystal Star Tower was much longer and more spiral-like.

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