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Yume 2kki:Portrait Purgatory

Portrait Purgatory
Portrait purgatory.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Uchisuteru kaiga
Painting to throw away




WP #566

Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

The Nexus
Pop Revoir
Atelier Locked🔒
Poseidon Plaza
Sakura Forest
Reverie Book Piles
Basement of Oddities
Ticking Blackout Zone Chance🍀


Nuaah's Music XII (No. 475A)
Nuaah's Music XII (faster) (Passage to Basement of Oddities) (No. 475B)

Map ID 1313, 1525
Primary Author


Contributing Author(s)


Portrait Purgatory is a world that can be accessed from The Nexus.

Map of the Portrait Purgatory.


True to its name, Portrait Purgatory is a looping area littered with a ton of black and white paintings. Southeast of the entrance is a yellow and blue tree coming out of a painting that takes you to Pop Revoir. A door leading to the Atelier can also be found southwest from the entrance, once you have unlocked it from the opposite side. If the Beret Girl from the Atelier has been killed, the door will be locked until the Cursed Corridor event has been completed. Slightly west and south from the entrance you can find a hatch which will take you to the Poseidon Plaza. North and slightly east of the entrance is a colored portrait with a torii on it that will take you to Sakura Forest. Heading slight north and west of the entrance, however, is a leatherbound book that leads to the Reverie Book Piles. Northwest from the Reverie Book Piles entrance is a bike that will give you the Bike effect when interacted with.

Going west of the Reverie Book Piles entrance is an upright painting with an opening that leads to a brief corridor of monochrome paintings with eyes and other strange imagery, much like the ones seen in the main area. The end of this area has a large canvas attached to the wall with a large eye, which Urotsuki can kick, causing it to swing back as the eye appears to melt with each impact. Kicking the canvas four times will turn the canvas solid black and bring you to the Basement of Oddities.


  • The Nexus → Portrait Purgatory


  • Before version 0.114a Patch 2, the Invisible effect was needed to enter this area, as using the effect replaced the door to Urotsuki's Room with the painting leading to this area.


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