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    Yume 2kki:Blue Forest

    Blue Forest
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Ame no Mori
    Rainy Forest

    Effects EffectNone

    WP #47
    WP #752

    Events Blue Forest's NPCs
    Notable NPCs Boy On The Bench, Hebiko
    Connecting Areas

    Garden World
    Art Gallery

    Removed Connections

    Vantablack World NoReturn➡️
    Plant Labyrinth
    The Hand Hub
    Butterfly Passage NoEntry
    Monkey Wasteland NoEntry

    BGM qs0UrDFJ-bgm060 (No. 041A)
    Map ID 0086
    Version Added 0.060
    Last Updated 0.119e patch 5
    Author 418
    Extras +
    YNOproject Badges
    Hebiko(badgeY2).png Snake Girl

    The Blue Forest is an area accessible from Garden World.

    Map of the Blue Forest


    The area uses the same sprites used for Garden World, containing blue trees and defined blue grass blades that make a noise when stepped on. Around its Garden World entrance is a mesh gate. Sometimes the area will be considerably darker and it will be raining, and the music will not be present in favor of the regular ambient noise of what seems to be a nearby animal (the variant is determined upon falling asleep).

    If you go left from the entrance, you will come across a crossroads. If you go straight across, there is an easel with a canvas on it. This will transport you to the Art Gallery. On the road leading up, there is a tree with yellow bark as opposed to orange which will transport you to the Exhibition. The road leading down has a moving Mantis NPC, which takes you to a classroom in the School when you interact with it.

    If you go right from the entrance, you will come across one of two NPCs. If Variable #44 has a value between 128 and 255, you'll encounter a small boy sitting on a bench next to a clock similar to the one at the Nexus entrance to Garden World. If you sit next to him, he looks at you. Discovering this NPC unlocks a wallpaper.

    When Variable #44 is in the 0–127 range, an odd snake-like monster called Hebiko will appear in the lower right clearing and can be reached by a path south of the bench. When interacted with, they make a loud laughing noise as their face enlarges.



    • Many sprites in this world, including the tufts of grass and trees, resemble ones in Earthbound.
    • It is possible that Hebiko, the snake-like monster found in this area, was originally an effect-giving NPC. Their appearance is highly similar to a scrapped Earthworm Urotsuki effect found within the game's files.
    • Before 0.111h, the Butterfly Passage had a one-way connection to this area, dropping you off near a yellow and green fish-like NPC in the middle of the crossroads, which is no longer present. There used to be a similar connection from the now removed Monkey Wasteland.
    • Before 0.099d, the hole leading to Garden World was a connection to The Hand Hub, from where the Blue Forest was previously accessible.
    • Before 0.070, this area connected to the now removed Vantablack World.