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Basic Info
Original Name(s)

School Passage




WP #497

Events Giant Cat
Notable NPCs Teacher, Meko
Connecting Areas

Apartments Return🚩 NoEntry
Urotsuki's Dream Apartments NoReturn
Dream Beach
Blue Forest
Teddy Bear Land
Hat World LockedCondition🔐
Cloud Tops NoEntry
Simple Street NoEntry
Lavender Office
Pulsating Yellow Passage


kousyo (Entrance)
0722_3 (Black cat room) (No. 198A)

Map ID 0019, 0392, 0395
Version Added 0.096b
Author Zoo

The School is an area accessible from many locations, including a Mantis student in the Blue Forest, and the Apartments from the same hallway that leads to the Spring effect.


The main part of this area is a long white-walled corridor with multiple doorways leading to different classrooms. As you progress downwards, the desks and rooms become more cluttered and contain NPCs such as a black cat and a moving eyeball.

Entering from the Apartments places Urotsuki next to a warp to a subarea in Hat World, only accessible if text events are enabled. Next to it is a computer that takes Urotsuki to Lavender Office.

There is a white-haired teacher patrolling the corridor who will get mad at you if you ride your bike, and chase after you. If he catches you, you will be sent to what appears to be some kind of staff room where you will be in "detention", meaning that if you try to walk away, the teacher will jump up and down and force you back to your place. If you Chainsaw him while you are in detention though, he will disappear like other NPCs, then become a ghost and follow you around the "staff room", and you will be able to escape him. Running into him will cause his sprite to change briefly before Urotsuki wakes up. You can also use the Eyeball Bomb effect to escape if you don't have the Chainsaw effect, but it will still take you back to the Nexus. Outside of detention, if you use the Glasses effect on the teacher, you will see that he is a ghost. Chainsaw-ing him will also make him disappear like normal.

Note: At the version of writing (0.123b), the shift menu will not work during detention.

By interacting with the doors at the other end of the classrooms, you can go outside to a balcony; if you come here from Cloud Tops, this balcony is where you will land. Here you will find a small boy clapping erasers. Using the School Boy effect on him will make him move out of your way (you can Chainsaw him). When you go into the last classroom (which is locked from the corridor side), you will see a girl looking out the window at the boy. If you equip the School Boy effect, the girl will look lovingly in your direction. If you use the Glasses Effect, the boy and the girl will become transparent.

A small hole in one of the classrooms walls will take you to a small pipe that you have to crouch through. Upon reaching the end, it will take you to the underwater area of the Dream Beach.

One of the classrooms towards the south is empty but for a lone black cat sitting on a desk. Equipping the Wolf effect and howling will scare it off the desk and cause it to run around. Interacting with it unlocks this cat as an option in the Mask Shop and leads to an area with a large cat in the background and two cat girls (one black, one white) that will take you back to the classroom. Interacting with the large cat will make it purr. Urotsuki is also able to sit on its arm. If its tail is stepped on, it will yowl in displeasure.

Likewise, interacting with the praying mantis in one of the classrooms will take you to the Blue Forest, and the cyclops girl with a red backpack will take you to Teddy Bear Land. They will back away if the Wolf effect is used. Equipping the Glasses, School Boy, or Boy effect in this classroom will reveal a ghost in a purple suit and a yellow pompadour in the room. In the room below, there is a person who will take you to Pulsating Yellow Passage.


After visiting once:

If text events are enabled: