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Yume 2kki:Circuit Board

Circuit Board
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Ki-jō no kūron
Basics Coulomb



Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Binary World NoEntry
Shogi Board NoReturn


Yeris_Coulomb_on_Board (No. 103)

Map ID 0648


The Circuit Board is an area accessible by interacting with the computer tower on the green platform in Binary World with the Child effect equipped.

Map of Circuit Board


Immediately upon entering this world, Urotsuki is greeted with "HELLO uuORLD"

The Circuit Board is a large, bounded, maze-like area filled with circuitry, spades of technological scenery, and many animated electric sparks. It is quite difficult to navigate due to the fact that Urotsuki cannot walk over the wires, and strangely enough, it also has a floral motif, much like Binary World's secondary ocean theme.

Urotsuki is presented with a crossroads soon after reaching the entrance. Either way, the path terminates at a special, gray spark creature which will chase down and shock Urotsuki to no effect, officially making it the weakest enemy in the game. In addition, they also terminate at a large network of vines, which Urotsuki can squeeze her way through as there is an entrance in either side on the far extreme west or east of the map.

This then leads to a fairly easy maze of wires, cables, and vines, then one last break in between some wires before you enter the deepest part of Circuit Board. It is a large, winding, twisting maze of red wires that sees Urotsuki having a look back at the entire area, including a detour to a fairly sectioned- off area containing a single NPC resembling some sort of transistor. It will shock Urotsuki if she wears the Insect effect, but is otherwise harmless. The end of the road finally comes when Urotsuki walks through a twisting corridor of wires, before encountering a large hole in the ground. Interacting with the hole causes Urotsuki to jump down, causing an event where the sounds of a baby choking and a heart monitor flatlining before Urotsuki wakes up in the Shogi Board.




  • Both Shogi Board and Circuit Board (基上のクーロン(Kijou no kūron) and 棋上の空路 (Kijou no kuuro) respectively) are a play on the word 机上の空論 (Kijou no kuuron) which means a plan that only works in theory.