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Gray Road
Gray Road.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Machinaka no Tsūro
Downtown Avenue



Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Red Streetlight World
Dark Forest
Boogie Street
Train Tracks
Sprout World
French Street
Serene Docks
Techno Condominium LockedCondition🔐
Mini-Town NoEntry
Simple Street NoEntry

Removed Connections

Toy World
Tatami Room


for (No. 163B)

Map ID 0018


The Gray Road is an area accessible from the streetlight in Red Streetlight World with four lamps on its left side.

Map of the area


The Gray Road is a looping area featuring a large network of roads with many intersections. There is a long railway bridge built across the center of this area, and it may rain or snow here periodically. There are numerous portals scattered throughout this area, which all lead to different areas of the dream world.

To the east of the entrance from Red Streetlight World there is a small doorway below the railway bridge that leads to the Train Tracks, and just beyond it, a large basketball hoop that will take you to the French Street.

Conversely, to the west of the entrance is a pair of metal barriers, which will teleport you to Boogie Street if you walk in between them. Just southwest of that is a red lamp that will take you to Serene Docks.

Back at the entrance, heading up under the railway bridge leads to an intersection with two crossings and roads leading off in all directions.

A short distance to the west of the intersection between the road and the railway bridge, there is a staircase that will take you to Sprout World. Along the lower side of the road to the east of the intersection, there is a small green plant that will take you to the Florist. If the weather is snowy, a traffic light near the intersection east of the green plant is visible, which will take you to the Techno Condominium.

The value of Variable #44 determines the weather here, where the possible conditions are: Clear, Weak Rain, Medium Rain, Strong Rain, and Snow. You can change Variable #44 by sleeping in the bed of Urotsuki's Dream Apartments. If the last digit of Variable #44 is less than 5, the weather is clear; if it's 6, there is weak rain; 7 is strong rain; 8 is medium rain; and 9 is snow. In simpler terms, there is a 3/10 chance for rain, a 5/10 chance for clear weather, and a 1/10 chance for snow.

Along the upper side of the east road there is a large colorful archway that will take you to GALAXY Town, and at the next small T-junction there is a gray streetlight just northwest of the corner, which will take you to the Dark Forest.

Heading up the road to the north of the intersection, there is a sideways T-junction that leads off to the right, where there are two poles sticking out of the road. Walking between them (from either side) will teleport you to a small area that connects to the Highway.

This is also the area you end up in after you've squashed most of the houses in the Mini-Town.



  • Before version 0.101b, there was a hole in this area which would take you to the Tatami Room.
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