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Yume 2kki:Clawtree Forest

Clawtree Forest
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Tate Fukurō no Mori
Shield Owl Forest



Events None
Notable NPCs Shield Owls, Shadow ???, Shadow Lady
Connecting Areas

Shield Owl World
Downfall Garden A
River Road A NoReturn

Removed Connections

Data Stream


2_18 (No. 051A)
bluetile_moon (Prismatic Tent) (No. 231A)

Map ID 0495
Version Added 0.100g
Author 710

Clawtree Forest is an area accessible from walking between the purple pillars in Shield Owl World.

Map of the Clawtree Forest and Prismatic Tent


Clawtree Forest, as the name implies, is a forest of purple, claw-like trees.

At the bottom-right of the clearing is an obscured path through the claw-trees, branching in many different directions away from the clearing.

Following the paths up towards the northeast will lead you to a lone Shield Owl, lost in the forest. If you try to kill it by using the Chainsaw effect, the pattern on its body will invert their colors.

Moving down the southeast path from the clearing will lead you to another open area where a wandering, neon-pink plant creature can be found. Interacting with it will make it squeak.

There are two paths branching from the neon creature, one being directly to the south and one off to the west which leads to a little area with a benign Shadow Lady. Chainsawing her will turn her into a chaser that will trap you in the Underground in Forest World.

Down the southern path is another fork in the road, with a densely covered path immediately to the right leading to a small pink bear carrying a white spear near two swaying shadows on the ground. When interacted with, it will take you to River Road A. This path is one-way.

To the left of the hidden path is a more open one leading down past the Shadow Lady to another clearing with four pointy purple tents. Entering the tent with the doorway will take you to the Prismatic Tent.

Prismatic Tent

Inside, the Prismatic Tent is a rather large, angular structure with vibrant iridescent walls, which are constantly shifting in color.

Other tents can be seen beyond its psychedelic confines, changing colors with the walls.

There are three doors in the tent. One of them is located at the top of the furthest northeast corridor, which will take you to the Downfall Garden A, and another, which is blocked by a construction sign with green borders. The other is found in the bottom section of the tent, which will lead you to a second part of the tent. Exiting this part will lead you to an isolated section of the previous claw forest. The section features weird black structures on the left, and two paths on the right. The upper path leads to a smiling green creature that can be killed with the chainsaw, while the lower path leads to a bridge fenced by multicolored circles whose exit is currently blocked off.



  • The neon plant creature resembles the Namekuji in Yume Nikki's Forest World.
  • If Variable #44 is 128 or more, and Urotsuki has slept 31 times, a Shadow ??? chaser will appear in the forest clearing and slowly chase after Urotsuki. An additional Shadow ??? chaser will also appear if Urotsuki has slept 62 times. They function the same as the Shadow ??? in Onyx Tile World.
  • Before version 0.118 patch 3, one of the doors in the Prismatic Tent used to connect with the Data Stream.