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    Yume 2kki:Colorful Sphere World

    Colorful Sphere World
    Colorful Sphere World.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Orb Space

    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Black Sphere World
    Floating Window World
    Withering Plains Unlock🔑

    BGM fd-timefixed (No. 734A)
    Map ID 2302
    Version Added 0.121c patch 1
    Last Updated 0.123e
    Author doctor

    Colorful Sphere World is an area accessible from a pink sphere in Black Sphere World.

    Map of Colorful Sphere World


    Colorful Sphere World, as the name suggests, contains many spheres of varying sizes and hues. The same objects can be seen floating across both the background and foreground.

    If Variable #44 is from 120 to 129, a door will appear, which leads to a darkened bedroom.

    By going west from the entrance, a black sphere with a white outline can be found. Interacting with it leads to Floating Window World. Directly north from Floating Window World, a doorway in a stationary sphere leads to Withering Plains. Visiting this area once will unlock the connection between it and Withering Plains.


    After visiting this area once:

    After visiting this area and Parallel Graveyard once: