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Yume 2kki:Dizzy Spirals World

Dizzy Spirals World
Dizzy Spirals Top.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Guruguru no Heya
Spinning Room

Effects EffectNone
Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

The Deciding Street
Robotic Slaves Tunnel
Art Gallery Chance🍀
The Hand Hub Chance🍀
Dream Park NoEntry

BGM pinu_muyu (No. 121)
Map ID 0094
Version Added 0.091d
Last Updated 0.119b patch 5
Author Pinu

Dizzy Spirals World is a fairly small area accessible from The Deciding Street.

Map of Dizzy Spirals World exhibiting its spiral layout.


Dizzy Spirals World is a very colorful area, featuring a large green and black floor design in the shape of a distorted spiral, overlaying a multicolored background. The area is decorated with many strange blue discs on spring-like stalks, striped yellow spiral shapes, and spinning springs which make a noise when interacted with.

The large red disc in the center of the spiral will take you back to The Deciding Street, and a portal to The Hand Hub or the Art Gallery may be found at the northeast end of the spiral. The Art Gallery connection will be available on day 3 of winter, day 1 of summer, and day 2 of autumn, while the Hand Hub connection will be available on day 1 of winter, day 2 of spring, and day 3 of summer. Shortly southwest of the area's entrance, you can find a green animal with a rotating screw, which takes you to the Robotic Slaves Tunnel upon interaction.



  • The colorful red, green and blue background is one of the alternative backgrounds that you can see when using the Lantern effect in Heart World.