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Yume 2kki:Heart World

Heart World
Heart world.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Akai Sekai
Red World




WP #150

Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

The Nexus
The Deciding Street
Valentine Land
Spherical Space Labyrinth
Tricolor Passage (Red Path)
Parking Garage NoEntry
Cipher Fog World LockedCondition🔐


pinu_heart (No. 120)
kana08 (Panel Passage) (No. 098C)

Map ID 0091, 0092, 0096, 0482
Primary Author


Contributing Author(s)

Nuaah, Horatsuki, maptsuki

Heart World is one of the main worlds accessible from The Nexus. It was added in version 0.059.

Map of Heart World
Map of the Panel Passage


The world mainly has red footprints that make a noise when stepped on and red statues. The background is plain black and the backing track is simply the sound of a heart beating. When you use the Lantern effect in this world, it changes the background design, unlocking Wallpaper #150.

A hole can be found by going directly north from the entrance, which leads to the Spherical Space Labyrinth. By going south of the entrance, hitting the statue, then heading all the way west, you can find a sign with a pulsating circle, which leads to the Tricolor Passage. Interacting with the book with a beating heart on it found southeast (more south than east) of the entrance will take you to Valentine Land.

If you have visited Dream Park's central section and obtained the Crossing effect, a Puni can be found northwest of the entrance which will take you to Cipher Fog World when interacted with.

Stepping between two statues facing each other a few times will spawn a pink skull creature that moves very quickly away from you; equipping the Lantern effect will cause it to stop moving, and flourishing the Lantern repeatedly will drag it back to you. If you interact with it, it will take you to the Panel Passage (パネル通路, Paneru Tsūro); a tile-filled sub-area. If you interact with the heart hidden there, it will take you to a large beating heart that you cannot escape from. Using the Chainsaw on it will stop it from beating.

Stepping on the pair of shoes at the end of one of the footprint paths near the entrance will take you to The Deciding Street. Going further southwest from here, you will stumble upon a railroad crossing sign and gate that appear after collecting 15 effects or more. The crossing sign will give you the Crossing effect, and then the gate will stop moving.

A hidden sub-area can be accessed at the railroad crossing sign under an unknown condition related to one or more of the endings. Once this condition is met, it can be visted by doing the following tasks in order:

  1. Collect all 36 effects.
  2. Set Crossing as your favorite effect in the Dream Room.
  3. Store all of your effects in the Trophy Room.
  4. Wake up, then go back to sleep.
  5. Return to the aforementioned sign in Heart World (note: there should no longer be a gate present).
  6. Equip the Crossing effect and use its action to stop time.
  7. Walk over the red line on the ground next to the sign from the bottom of the line to the top to enter the event.

Once inside the sub-area, there are many blades of red grass and oddly-shaped statues surrounding the path, similar to those found in the main area. There is also a single, straightforward trail of footprints leading up to accompany these features. Following them to the end, they will slowly start to trail off until you are met with an NPC that is sitting on the ground either sobbing or laughing to herself. Her appearance is akin to that of the umbrella woman seen by using the Crossing effect at The Monster's Jaw. When time is resumed, she will stand up, but will revert to her previous state on the ground once time is stopped again. De-equipping the Crossing effect allows her to slowly wander the area, revealing her lack of a face.

Interacting with her while time is stopped will activate a forced wake-up event, in which a fake "effect/menu theme Get!" box appears before blacking out the screen. The sound of a train on some train tracks will play, and then a horn sounds, waking up Urotsuki (who is laying on the floor). The next time you go to bed, the effect will be forcibly re-collected, adding it back to your inventory and removing it from the Trophy Room.

Exiting the sub-area will make it unaccessible until you revisit the world from The Nexus or The Deciding Street.


  • The Nexus → Heart World


  • The Twintails effect used to be found in plain sight in this area, which you could get from the Twintail Monster, but now it is found in the Bazaar in The Deciding Street.
  • In old versions, there used to be a battery in the Panel Passage that would show you a message in Japanese, which tells that it would be a good idea to add an effect there.
  • Before the implementation of the inescapable beating heart, the heart in Panel Passage used to take you back to Heart World.