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Yume 2kki:Dream Wallpaper Gallery

There are a number of wallpapers you can see on your dream computer each time you enter your dream room. This is a list of all the different wallpapers you can see.

There are currently 30 different wallpapers you can see on your dream computer.

Secret Dream Wallpaper

If you have obtained the Crossing effect, there is a 1/31 chance that the dream computer's screen would turn red. Interacting with the computer will display the following wallpaper:


  • Wallpaper #1 is a reference to the internet meme, "tanasinn".
  • Wallpaper #2 resembles a creature found in the path to Monochrome Feudal Japan.
  • Wallpaper #6 shows the last area of the Graffiti Maze.
  • Wallpaper #12 shows an area of the Underwater Amusement Park.
  • Wallpaper #21 resembles a creature found in Nail World.
  • Wallpaper #22 shows an image of Smile-San.
  • Wallpaper #25 resembles a creature found in the Scenic Outlook.
  • Wallpaper #-1 depicts Urotsuki drowning in what appears to be the Ocean Floor's depths, as her eyes bleed.