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Yume 2kki:Monochrome Feudal Japan

Monochrome Feudal Japan
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Monochrome Castle


EffectSchool Boy (Gakuran)


WP #35
WP #212

Events None
Notable NPCs Gakuran-kun
Connecting Areas

Art Gallery
FC Basement
FC Caverns B
Duality Wilds
Bishop Cathedral


camellia-japanish2 (Main Area) (No. 125B)
wa (Gakuran Effect Area) (No. 097A)
base (Entrance from the Art Gallery) (No. 011A)

Map ID 0183, 0184, 0185, 0189, 0911
Version Added 0.090i
Primary Author 20
Contributing Author(s) Kuraud, Horatsuki, Kong

Monochrome Feudal Japan is an area accessible from the Art Gallery.

Map of Monochrome Feudal Japan


The world is in black-and-white and bears a strong resemblance to the White Desert from Yume Nikki.

The entrance to the world is through a painting of obscured monochrome eyes. There is a path leading to the world through some sort of elephant's trunk, and the pathway contains imagery of strangled and injured faces. The last screen of the path has a crying face with a swollen cheek whose tears are forming a river. Enter the puddle to enter Monochrome Feudal Japan.

There is also an alternative entrance from the Sewers. If you go down the route you would normally go down to get to Rough Ash World, head left at the intersection instead of going up the stairs. You should go through a small tunnel with monochrome deity statues and end up in front of a long house in the bottom left corner in the second area.

The first area you come to has mainly pumpkin-like objects, trees, and hedges. There is also a staircase coming out from the ground that leads to the FC Basement. By following the path formed by the hedges, you can find the second area. Here, there are a number of houses, some with eyes on them, some without. You can enter those without mesh doors, and they will transport you to small islands surrounded by a black lake. In one of the houses you can enter, there is a hall (the other houses automatically transport you to the islands) that leads to an island with different music, and there you can find Gakuran-kun. You can get the School Boy effect from him.

East of the house where you get the School Boy effect, there is a house that transports you to the Duality Wilds. To the north of the School Boy house is an open house that takes you to Bishop Cathedral

In a section with 12 houses, with the first one being accessible, taking its entrance will lead to the FC Caverns B.


If the connection from Atelier to Portrait Purgatory is unlocked:


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camellia-japanish2 (https://yume.wiki/images/d/d3/Camellia-japanish2.ogg, Camellia-japanish2.ogg, Main Area) +, wa (https://yume.wiki/images/e/e3/Wa.ogg, Wa.ogg, Gakuran Effect Area) +  and base (https://yume.wiki/images/a/a4/Base.ogg, Base.ogg, Entrance from the Art Gallery) +
Kuraud +, Horatsuki +  and Kong +
白黒城 +
183 (?) +, 184 (?) +, 185 (?) +, 189 (?) +  and 911 (?) +
0.114h patch 1-b +, 0.116b-c+ +, 0.117c-c+ +  and 0.120b patch 4 +